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Computer won't sleep

Level 7
Something is preventing my computer from sleeping and I can't figure out what it is. I already used cmd to check and there was nothing. I turned off wake on lan from device manger already and there are no usbs. What is the problem. I'm running revision 2105.

Level 10
What's os version are you using?
Maybe you can help to provide your hardware list...

Level 7
Same thing happened to me. I just disabled all usb devices from waking the computer in device manager. Only power button works, which is fine with me.
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This also happened to me using Windows 7, and after a lot of googling, ,I found the answer (at least for me). It was related to "magic packets" that are one of the network settings.

I started with this:
1. Open a command prompt and run the command
powercfg -devicequery wake_armed
The command will list all the devices which can wake up computer

It came back with my network adapter.

From there:
1. click on Start and type “device manager” into the search box
2. click on the corresponding result to open up the Device Manager
3. navigate to Network Adapters
4. double-click the name of your Network card
5. in the new properties window click on the Advanced tab
6. deactivate options like “Wake on Magic Packet”, “Wake on Lan” or “Wake on pattern match”

That did the trick for me. I re-enabled everything in the BIOS (as it was not the root cause). Anyway hope this helps.


Level 9
check video cards

check RAM sticks

probably some of those are not seated properly
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