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Computer will not but after shutdown unless unplugged for awhile Crosshair V FormulaZ

Level 7

My computer has been having some random issues for awhile now. It doenst want to power on after being shutoff unless it sits for awwhile unplugged. Here is a prime example. I was doing work on the main breaker box in my house so I wanted to shut down my computer so it didnt get switched off when I disconnected the breaker. I attempted to shutdown the computer and windows 10 shut down and the monitors went blank and starting blinking their lights meaning it wasnt receiving signal from the video card. However, the computer continued to run. I had to hold down the power button for it to turn off which it did. 30 minutes later I attempted to turn on the computer and it refused to turn on. The lights and fans on the motherboard would spin for a milisecond then the whole thing would shutdown. I unplugged it and came back a few hours later and it started just fine.

Earlier in the week I was plugging in a new monitor into the HDMI port and the computer shutdown. I restarted it and the power came on, but the computer would not post and was displaying a FF code on the motherboard. I unplugged it and waited overnight and sure enough ti started again.

Also, I have a raid 5 array in there. It said one of my disks had gone critical. I freaked out, bought 3 new hard drives, and installed those. It ran fine for quite awhile (6 months or so), then the drive on the same port said it had gone critical too which leads me to beleive its actually a bad sata raid port and not hard disks.

Anyways, with my issues above, does it sound like some sort of motherboar issue? Should I think about replacing it soon? What should I do?