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Computer turned off, keyboard and mouse still lights on.

Level 7
Hi all. I have a wierd problem here that I can't figure out. When I shut down my computer the keyboard or mouse still lightens up. Earlier i had the Maximus V Formula and experienced the exact same problem. When I replaced it for the Maximus VII Hero I thought this problem should dissappear. But it did'nt. It's only the keyboard and mouse that are connected to USB ports. I have tried different USB ports (both 3.0 and 2.0), Windows 7 and Windows 10. Updating drivers and bios recently all the time. This still happens. The wierdest is that it's randomly what still lights on when the computer turns off. Sometimes only mouse, sometimes only keyboard. They both never lights up at the same time (we are talking when the computer are turned off). Everything else is working perfectly. Nothing wrong at all, except this wierd thing that keyboard and mouse still lights up when I shut down my computer. Anyone any idea why or what could be wrong? By the way, I have tried another mouse. Still same problem.

Level 7
Do you have KeyBot enabled?

Chino wrote:
Naivagte to the ErP Ready option and set it to Enabled.

Enabled Erp and it worked! Thank you very much. I could'nt imagine that could be the solution as I thought it only affected standby/sleep modes. But the ErP does'nt affect any system performance right? I did'nt enable the EuP option which seems to be the power saving functions. So I will not have any performance loss right?

Level 7
what brand is ur mouse and keyboard?? i have this issue with razer brands, i would just update the firmware it it would fix the problem

Keyboard is a Qpad MK-85, mouse is Steelseries Sensei (and Steelseries Sensei Raw). Both mouse updated, but for the keyboard there is no bios updates available. Maybe it's the keyboard that is the problem. Haven't tried the Erp Ready function enabled. I'll test that.