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Computer Freeze's Anytime i try to use QuickSync Maximus VI Extreme

Level 7
Anytime i try and use the quick sync feature on encoding/transcoding programs, the computer freeze's. I get no Crash Dumps or Blue Screens/black screens, the screen just freezes, mouse cursor included.

ALT+CTRL+DEL does nothing.
The programs i've tried are:

  • Handbreak
  • Cyberlink Media Espresso

I'm running a GTX 780 Dedicated Graphics card, with iGPU Multimonitor enabled in the bios. I have installed the Intel HD Graphics 4600 Driver, Filename: Win64_15319.exe (lastest win8 driver) off of the intel website as well as tried the one off the asus support driver website.

I have 3 monitors total, 2 Monitors are going through the GTX 780, and the third monitor is hooked up to the HDMI on the motherboard which is utilizing the HD 4600. My computer will sometimes freeze when using HDMI on the motherboard, so for now, all 3 screens are going through the GTX 780 until i can figure out what is wrong.

It's like anytime my computer tries to utilize the HD 4600, i get freeze's.
I am beginning the think i have a faulty CPU or motherboard. I'm running stock speeds on everything

  • i7 4770K CPU
  • Maximus VI Extreme Motherboard
  • 32GB GSkill 2400mhz Ram
  • Asus GTX 780 DC2OC
  • Samsung 830 SSD in Raid 0
  • Corsair TX 850w
  • 2X Asus PA248Q Monitors (dvi)
  • 1X Flat Screen TV (hdmi)


DXDIAG For my computer Found below:

UEFI Version: 1002

CPU: i7 4770k

Memory kit part number (s) and amount in GB: Kingston KHX18C10AT3K2/16X (2x 8GB)

GPU: GTX 770 Phantom

SSD/HDDs/Optical drives:

- Samsung 840 EVo
- Crucial M4
- 2x 3TB HDD
- 1x 4TB HDD
- 2x BluRay Writer

PSU: Seasonic X 760 (SS-760 KM)

CPU Cooler: NH-U14S

PC CASE: CM Storm Trooper

Operating system: Win 8.1 Pro (x64)

Drivers Installed (include version): Recent Versions of Chipset and Graphics Drivers

System Overclocked (provide details): CPU 4,1 GHZ @ Fixed Voltage 1,13V, Uncore @ 4GHZ @ 1,15V

Level 13
Try using Quick Sync both with no overclock and with the GTX 770 removed. Does it then properly work using either of these configurations?

yes it still freezes with no overclock. I'm not gonna tear my case apart and take out my graphics card for the other recommendation. Quick Sync is much much faster than my GTX 780 Ti, Even with NVEC decode using media espresso. It's a shame that its not working on ROG boards.

Level 7
I figured out how to get it fixed. You can thank the guys over at for their tutorial

How to use QuickSync with a Dedicated GPU without hooking a monitor to motherboard:

Note: in windows 8.1, i had to manually select the new VGA display and hit "extend displays" on it to get it to work. Handbrake using only 15% CPU and encoding just as fast as Pegging all 8 logical cores to 100%.

Level 13

It is good is was only a user configuration error and not faulty hardware.

Level 7
yeah buddy that's really user configuration error...........