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Clock Keeps Gaining Time

Level 7

I am having an issue where the clock on my Rampage IV Extreme keeps gaining time. I notice this cause about every day my computer is about 3 minutes in advance on my cell phone. So I go in the clock and resync with internet time, but it keeps getting back in advance.

I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issues ?

Anyone knows in what direction I could look in regards to troubleshooting this issue, or what could be causing it ?

Thank you,

Snake 🙂

Level 15
Welcome to the ROG boards, SnakeBurns.

Is this issue only affecting the time in Windows or in the BIOS as well?

How would I check that ? I thought that the software time in windows was based from the BIOS time such that if you change the time in the BIOS, windows would be affected and likewise if you change it in windows it would change in the BIOS.

I usually notice the difference in Windows. Next time I can reboot and check if the BIOS time is also out of sync. Would that test suffice to answer your question ?

Or do you mean for me rather to stay "out of windows" (ie : keep the computer off, or boot a different OS) and check if the problem is occuring there as well ?

Level 7
Thanks for the Welcome by the way 🙂 I have been there for a couple of months, but it's my first time posting 🙂

So far I have always been able to find answers to my questions from previous post, but for this one specifically I cant find anything.

Level 10
Did you already upgrade the motherboard latest version bios ?
Then,maybe you can into the bios manual check the time before into the windows os
Check the issue cause by OS or hardware?

Level 16
Are you on Windows 8?
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Level 7

I think I'm at fault here. My motherboard's time was set 1 minute higher than network time. Meaning every time my computer came back from sleep or was rebooted, it would resync to the hardware time and get the bad value.

I find it kind of strange that this never happened to me in the past (with previous computers).

I will keep an eye on the situation, but now it should be pretty much "in-sync" (hardware time = network time).

I really thought that when you changed the time in Windows, it was automatically changing the hardware time as well.

Level 7

it's still happening. I usually notice that the time is off in Windows, but when I reboot and go in the bios it's also in advance there.

It's really weird, am I really the only one experiencing this ?

It seems the issue survived Windows updates, drivers update and bios update (3303, haven't applied 3404 yet).

Anyone got any idea ?

My specs :

- Asus Rampage IV Extreme (DUH !)
- Intel 3930k
- Corsair Vengeance (usually the root of everything bad that happens to anyone, but ... could it be doing that to the clock too ?)
- Asus Geforce 680 DC2T-2G
- Asus Xonar Phoebus
- Intel 330 180gb x2 (Raid 0)
- WD Red 2TB Hard drive x2 (Raid 1)
- Asus BW-12B1ST Blu-ray writer
- Windows 7 x64 , MBR install (will reinstall as GPT when I update to 3404)

I guess reinstalling windows may end up being a solution, in the meantime, does anyone else have any suggestion ?

Level 12
have you checked your CMOS battery?
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Level 7
From what I understand, the CMOS battery could be the cause of a clock losing time, but not gaining time ... How would I check it though ?