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CH5-FZ+FX9590 stability / have to disable core 7&8

Level 7
Hi all,

I have been using this combination for a while now.
And i remained pretty satisfied after the common startup problems that everyone encountered i guess.

Until a few months ago trouble started again and until now i couldn't stabilise it.
I'm seeking help as to what i could do and try now to get it fully functional again!

The symptoms are random software crashing (anything) and freezes under heavy load.
I ruled out Graphics,SSD,PSU,and memory by testing them OK. Still swapping all of it out, with no improvement.
So only a few possible causes/parts remain.

As for the board, i bumped any voltage possible, disabled any power saving feature, disabled any onboard device, slowed down any frequency to the lowest possible, no ECC, no core boost, everything fail-safest as i could think of.
The processor is cooled with a custom loop, depending on multiplier settings, i can keep the beast under 62 degrees celcius (23.5), and 52 degrees Celsius (20). and way cooler if lowered further.
Case is vented with 3x140 mm intake and 6x120mm 3 push / 3 pull on rad which actually creates wind around if set to 100%
And for trying i placed an extra fan on the back of the board.

And still, the thing would act weird and surely lock up under load, no matter how fail safe i set it up.

IBT can get it on it's knees in maximum, the second run.
And Prime95 revealed that most often core 7 and/or 8 would fail after a long while.
I then decided to disable core 7 and 8 in bios, and stability is back. all day,all night.
*EDIT: Seems i was too fast, as i still experienced a lockup.

Ofcourse i want my system to run at full capacity, so i wonder what i can do next.... And not to forget; what causes this?
I never seen a processor partially break down, so is it possible the board is failing? Bad capacitor/VRM?
Anyone knows which parts exactly take care of the power supply to the CPU, so i can take a closer look?

Thanks in advance!

Level 7
Is this the stock settins? If not put everything back to default settings then lets start from scratch.

Edit: Are you on windows 10 or 7?
Chris...Have a nice day.

Level 7
Hi Chris, i recently made the transition to Win 10. I wanted to rule out the 7 OS was failing somehow. But the symptoms remain exactly the same.
Is there something critical that needs to be installed in Win 10?

I went back to stock settings many times now. I need to enable the llc to not have Windows lock up when still loading.
But how i can remain stable is now a mystery to me.

I placed a better cooler on the back of the board and it really helps, it only reaches 45 degrees Celsius when stress testing now.
But when i just checked, system was frozen solid.

Level 7
Just noticed that the 'slow mode' switch on the board was set to 'on'... could this have been the culprit?
Just turned it off, will see what happens!

Level 7
How much ram, how many sticks are installed and at what speed?
Chris...Have a nice day.

Level 7
2x8GB, 2400 Mhz. Kingston HyperX Savage, 11-13-14-32@1.65V.
It did not matter if i had set the speed up to run slower, run on auto, with the manual timings that go with the speeds, or timings on auto.
Removing a strip, swapping strip did neither help.

I had 4x4GB GEIL Evo Corsa 1866 Mhz memory before which i had put back in for testing purposes. Was not able to stabilise system!

I'm not sure if this 'slow mode' button has anything to do with it, can't remember i ever touched it. But for non-LN2 users it should be turned off,which it is now.

Been IBT stresstesting and no freezes yet. But it's too early to draw conclusions, Will let it be benching for another day and see what happens!