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Caution: AI Suite 3 on Windows 10 causes Keyboard and Mouse to not be recognised

Level 7
Word of caution for Windows 10 users

I installed AI Suite 3 without first creating a System Restore point - doh

One of the components of the suite (I guess USB3 + ) caused the mouse and keyboard to
not be recognized at the Windows login screen

All functionality present for BIOS and for Windows recovery screens

I tried a number of hacks, even trying to remove kbdclass.sys from system32, removing \Program Files\ASUS files
via a dual boot system and searched and searched but eventually had to perform a build refresh

Unfortunately, also the ROG policy didn't allow me to post to forums in search of help when I required it
(even though I'd had an account for over a year.)

Also ASUS support was not possible because they wanted Serial, Product number and date of purchase
before I could submit a support request - all of which impossible to obtain with a non-operating system


Oh, Custom build inc ASUS Z97 Deluxe, Windows 10 Professional 64 bit

Level 8
That's not true for everyone. I have Windows 10 64-bit with AI Suite 3 too and no issues with my Asus Z170i Pro Gaming motherboard, Corsair K70 keyboard or M45 mouse. There must be something else going on with your parts combination or type of USB ports used.

Level 10

First off what mouse and keyboard are you running? Are they in the USB3 slots in your MB. What MB are you running? I have heard that Logitech has issues with running their keyboards and mice on USB3. Did you try to change USB ports? Let me know and if I can help I will.

PS I am running a Crossblade Ranger with Windows 10 x64 Pro and use AI Suite 3.

Level 8
Hi, I mentioned my keyboard and mouse models. I have them in the USB2 ports. They are USB2 devices. It's a waste to plug them into faster ports. I'll save my USB3 ports for USB3 devices. Try that?