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Case Fan - Linked to GPU Temp?

Level 8
Hi Folks.

I recently killed a MSI 780 TwinFrozr in my case (exploding capacitor on the backplate). This might have been just a bad component but I wanted to understand the fan and cooling setup better, can I have some advice?

When the CPU temps increase the CPU header fans increase with it. Great 😉
When the GPU temps increase I want to ensure the read of the case fans also increase to help the GPU. 😞 I suspect these are not ramping up causing the generally case temperature to increase and compounding the open air cooling of most non-reference GPU (and my new GTX 980 DCII #smug 😮 )

Can I control my case fans by reference the GPU temps? Can it be done with AI Suite, or do I need other software?

- Maximum Gene VI
- i5-4679k 3.8Ghz OC'ed to 4.2Ghz (moderate, i'm not a OC junkie)
- Corsair 350D case.
- H100i mounted in the top + 2 Corsair SP PWM fans exhausting upwards.
- 3x Corsair SP PWM fans connected to other mobo fan headers set a intakes.
- AI Suite used to auto tuned fans (i have remove Corsair Link, it seems too immature).

It's a little dusty but that can be fixed.

Thanks for any advice.
Oli / Breakfix.

I'm not aware of a way to control the case fans with GPU temp with your current setup. You may want to consider a stand alone controller with thermal probes. It's an extra investment but that would allow you greater control over your system.
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Level 7
Have you found a solution to linking the GPU temp to the case fans? In a different forum, someone suggested SpeedFan, but I haven't tried it yet. I'm still researching.

Level 13
I have a MSI 660 TI PE/OC twin-frozer. There is a 4-pin fan header that is accessible on the board. I assume it has standard PWM wiring. You could put a PWM splitter on it and run the extra PWM signal to your case fan.
I would make sure that you get a splitter that takes power from a molex or SATA connector since adding a fan might draw too many amps from the header.
Something like this:

But you will need PWM case fans for this to work.

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