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Cant install Win 8 or 10 on a Rampage IV or a Crosshair V Formula.. cant see the hard

Level 7
hi I spent all day on 2 computers trying to do a clean install of Windows 10 then tried windows 8.1 but this is bs
booting up off the usb I get to the Install screen when I click it.. it then goes to the hard drive page it cant see the damn hard drive I using a 1 and 2 TB hard drives. to install the OS on... there is no drivers for the Sata... for 8.1 or 10 I even downloaded the sata 8.0 and 7 windows.. that didn't work I got the criminson drivers from the AMD site.. and those were no help it...

how the hell do you install either OS on these 2 moboboards.. I started 8am and its 7:20pm now and I have got no where and there is no help online really and Asus tech support chat is offline for the weekend.. can someone help me step by step

also I noticed on my Rampage and crosshair board I can install Windows 7 from a usb stick no need for drivers it sees the hard drive and I can install windows 7 on there.

so whats going on

Level 40
Hi get this resolved?....sorry, we seem to have missed this post...

Should be simple enough....just connect the single drive you want to install OS to.... in an Intel port....make sure you are not plugging into the ASmedia ports...

The drives been part of RAID setup you haven't broken or anything like that. Maybe redo the install media...

Have a look here