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Cannot Boot from Windows10 USB in order to repair Windows.

Level 7

ROG Rampage IV Extreme.

Had my system now for over 12 years, always worked great. I'm looking to upgrade 'soon', 'soon' being when I have the funds for a complete new build gaming PC.

In the meantime, I need to make do with what I have.

Recently, I've been having some minor hardware issues; but now all the hardware in in good condition, as system now always boots to 'AA'.

However, I cannot boot into Windows10, with repeated 'Preparing Automatic Repair'; which then reboots itself, and finally times out with: Stop code: DRIVER PNP Watchdog. It never lets me into the Repair Tool I would like to use.

I've created a Win10 Boot USB, and selected it in BIOS as the primary Boot device - and see it access the USB stick - before reverting to the above issue, and again, not offering me the Repair Tool.

I've watched dozens of YouTube videos and other sources to try and break this loop, with no avail.

I've played around with BIOS as suggested in these YouTube videos, to ensure all seems correct. I know a bit about computers, so get the gist of most things.....

So, my questions are:

Has anyone ever had the EXACT same symptom; and can share with me what was done to get around this? Similar issues don't seem to cut it, goin by the videos I've watched....I can't get into the Repair Tool in order to run corrective actions.

If someone has had the above, can I spend some time with you on here or in an email for a call, to help resolve this one-on-one?