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C5FZ + FX-8350 + 5A Internal CPU error + CPU LED solid

Level 7
I've had this system for sometime and the other night it just wouldn't start. (I believe it was sleep or standby) I can't remember.
But I had used it like 20mins prior and It was working fine.
Now it doesn't run at all. fans turn on, fan speed adjust some, no post and no UEFI.
It gives me 5A Internal CPU error + CPU LED solid
I've done all the troubleshooting to the point where its either the CPU or Motherboard.
I even tried using the USB flash button process to reset the UEFI, no difference.

C5FZ (updated UEFI) + FX-8350 (stock settings) + Q-Code 5A: Internal CPU error + CPU LED solid
Corsair Water cooler H100i + Corsair PSU 750w

I don't have a backup MD or CPU to swap and test. Is there away to narrow down one or the other?
A friend suggested I RMA both. but kind of don't or hope not to.
What next?

Thank you

Level 7
Looks like 5a is internal cpu error.
Chris...Have a nice day.