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C5FZ + FX-8350 + 5A Internal CPU error + CPU LED solid

Level 7
I've had this system for sometime and the other night it just wouldn't start. (I believe it was sleep or standby) I can't remember.
But I had used it like 20mins prior and It was working fine.
Now it doesn't run at all. fans turn on, fan speed adjust some, no post and no UEFI.
It gives me 5A Internal CPU error + CPU LED solid
I've done all the troubleshooting to the point where its either the CPU or Motherboard.
I even tried using the USB flash button process to reset the UEFI, no difference.

C5FZ (updated UEFI) + FX-8350 (stock settings) + Q-Code 5A: Internal CPU error + CPU LED solid
Corsair Water cooler H100i + Corsair PSU 750w

I don't have a backup MD or CPU to swap and test. Is there away to narrow down one or the other?
A friend suggested I RMA both. but kind of don't or hope not to.
What next?

Thank you

Level 7
How long have you had that h100i and were you overclocked?
Chris...Have a nice day.

ive had the h100i for about 6months. its been 2 months since my last OC attempt was made. ive made several attempts(testing) in time with OCing.
it seemed bootup time was sluggish. so i was tinkering. i ended up buying a graphics card with uefi and felt i was fine with spec CPU settings
as well as UEFI as default settings. for the last 2months my boot time was like 35seconds and system running smooth. it was a shock when i
discovered something was wrong.

Level 7
Try putting the stock heat sink on the cpu. Just to rule out h100i problems. By the way, are your fans for the h100i connected to the motherboard?
Chris...Have a nice day.

Lets say it was the water cooler, wouldnt the processor be supper hot?i also tried the usb flash bios restore process. remember not POST, no BIOS.
Just blank screen and fans

Level 7
well i got the h100i like 6months ago. i connected it up and the only think ive changed physically since that was removing the usb cable
from the MB. turns out that was causing my system a long time to POST. with that cable connected it took like 40-45seconds to POST.
that was about 2months ago. i can try the stock fan, but i dont see the result changing.

this is my 1st watercooler, i have no dust buildup (i don't even have buildup on the board). infact, i was fascinated by how cool the
tower was when i 1st got the cooler, it still is that way.

what im really looking for is it processor or motherboard?
the last time i turned it on was for a brief time, not sure how long (5-7mins tops). i turned it off and waited a few mins and touched the part
of the water cooler that lays against the processor, it felt cold. i took it off and waited like 5mins. then i took the processor out to inspect it,
it looks brand new (felt cold).

obviously, it wasnt overheated.... however i wondered, it seemed to cold, i might try it again. let it run longer and touch it sooner.
but the truth is will it give me an answer. MB or CPU?

Level 7
Lets take the water cooler out of the equation and check with stock heat sink first. If that doesn't work then clear the cmos. Either by pushing cmos button on the motherboard and if that doesn't help, then pull the cmos battery from the motherboard for about 10 minutes, and put it back in and retry.
Chris...Have a nice day.

Level 7
If you dont have any fans connected to the cpu fan header it will not start unless you told the motherboard to ignore it. That's why I say connect the stock sink, and if that doesn't work then clear cmos by pushing button on the motherboard. If that doesn't work then pull the cmos battery for about 10 minutes. If that doesn't work, pull your cpu out and reseat it. If it still doesn't work, then I would say it is possibly the cpu. I'm trying to get you to trouble shoot before you rma the board or cpu.
Chris...Have a nice day.

ill probably check it out tomorrow. i had my tonsils removed 48hrs go. still out of it. thank you.

Level 7
I tried your steps, the CPU_LED is off now but im still stuck on 5A, and i still cant even get to the UEFI.