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Bsod with new memory. Memtest86 pass fine. Help.

Level 10
Hi. So my pc first:
4790k stock speed no oc, good temps
Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2
Corsair 750 RM
Asus Strix 980 Ti
16 GB / 1600 (2x 8 GB), CL10, FURY Kingston,,,hyperx,,,,,/44836/DDR3-HYPERX-16-GB-1600-2x-8-GB-CL10-FURY-czarny-rad...

Today my machine get BSOD after installing gpu drivers. I am tired of sudden problems what i get with that pc. Just tired.
I want to know what part is unstable.

Here is a screen, can you help me ?:


I run memtest86 for 5 passes without errors. Cpu is i think stable because i can play many hours without bsods. Just today after installing gpu drivers i get that BSOD.

Also i suspect memory because somebody to me this:"50 is memory related error - too low IMC voltage or cache is failing after OC. Memtest is useless on new platforms. Simply run Prime95 blend or AIDA64 memory+cache."

Hello sde444

If your pc crashed after installing the NVidia driver try a custom/advanced install and perform a clean installation. I don't know if you use Geforce experience or not but I don't, I like to set the game settings myself. 🙂

Here's how I install the NVidia driver.

After the license agreement click custom/advanced install, then you'll see a big box with things you can uncheck. Uncheck everything except the graphics driver and the PhysX driver. Then just below the big box check the only box that says perform a clean installation.

Let us know if you still crash after installing the NVidia driver this way.

This is for windows 10 64 bit.