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BSOD code 0x1A with 3DMark 2013 ( loop )

Level 8
I'm doing stability test, with 3DMark 2013, settings ( Fire Strike, Extreme Mode and loop ), and after two hours, I have a BSOD 1a. ( 0x0000001a (0x0000000000041790, 0xfffffa8004c64f70, 0x000000000000ffff, 0x0000000000000000 ).

What that means, this error code ?

Note: I run 15 hours Prime95 and 12 hours of Memtest86 without errors/fails. ( New reset CMOS and re-flash bios 1707 )

My system is the signature below.

HiVizMan wrote:
Rerun the 3Dmark13 and see if you get the fail again.

And can you post up some more information about the event log of that event.

But with 0.005 vCore increse ??
So 0x3b = increse vcore ? or not ???

Level 16
If you have adequate cooling then there is no danger to run prime95 and Furmark in the same time... - so, just keep one eye on your temps...

To fix the Vcore issue with code 0x3B you most likely need to increase your Vcore... at what setting are you now?

Level 8
Ok, I complete now 2 hours running a Prime95 and 3DMark2013 ( fire strike extreme mode looping ) at same time, no errors, no fails, and no bsod.

With 0.005 vCore increse, increse to 1.75v CPU PLL from 1.70v, and switch at XMP Profile from manual mode, ( just keeping a VCCSA/IO to manual )

What now ?? What I do in this case, keep this configuration to see if it is now stable ?

Level 16
Yeap, keep these settings and start using your system as usual...

Level 40
Your system is good to go. Nice CPU you have there by the way.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.