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BSOD CLOCK Watchdog timeout after updating BIOS of PRIME B450M-A

Level 7

Hey guys I'm new here. 

Today I fell into a trap after updating my bios to PRIME B450M-A BIOS 4202 (prev. bios version from 2019 or 2020)

After the bios updated it was not possible to start the windows 10 normally and only Safe Mode works.

PC specs: 
Ryzen 5 3600
4x8gb Ddr4 corsair vengeance 3000 mhz
Asus prime b450m-a (used the last bios update when troubleshooting audio stutter thing on my studio pc)
Gpu: Gigabyte gtx 1050 ti oc
970 evo plus ssd with win 10 on it + old Sata ssd attached for storage.
What I've tried:
 bios reset (removed the battery as well)
removed every pc hardware
I did a memory test
Did a bunch of restarts but was unable to pass the BSOD.
PS: Before the bios update I've installed a new Realtek driver + AMD Chipset driver For Windows 10/11 64-bit. Also I've installed the bios update with OC profiles on (dram and cpu de-clocking settings).
Did a clean boot

 I've downloaded bios 4002 on my laptop and downgraded the bios but it's not working I'm still getting the clock watchdog bsod...
Performed a system restore from a prev. restore point without success - the system cannot boot normally. 
Removed every possible AMD driver under safe mode.



Level 7

Error was caused by NVIDIA graphics drivers. Solved after removing the drivers under safe mode.
PS: Pls, escalate this to the appropriate department. People should be aware that Asus Prime Bios updates can cause such errors like Clock Watchdog timeout I found. 
So, before updating BIOS make sure to set all bios settings to default, AND REMOVE the graphic drivers under safe mode!