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booting issues

Level 7

I have just setup this motherboard and im trying to get windows setup. it took a while to install windows but I managed it. now whenever I reboot or boot up my machine it goes to the bios then I need to reboot it again for it to attempt to boot into windows. I presume its a setting on the motherboard I need to change but not sure what 1.

also im not sure about the whole uefi and legacy settings. I think its a mbr drive im using so do I need to do anything with the settings.

any help would be appreciated

Level 7
Might sound stupid but make sure you have the latest version of the BIOS installed (v2201)

Level 10
Greetings and welcome to the Asus ROG Forums,

A few things to check:

1) verify that the hard disk is connected to the non-ASMedia SATA Ports
2) verify that the hard disk is the first drive in the boot order (now that you installed the OS)
3) access the BIOS and selecty the boot\manual boot option and then click on the hard disk to see if you still encounter the looping OS problem

The big issue is did you setup the storage controllers to support AHCI as this will give your SSD-based drives a good performance kick?

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Level 10
I think that I'd flash to the new bios then reset the bios and see if it clears up. Isn't there an asus utility that makes that happen? You know makes it boot to the bios on the next boot instead of loading windows.
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