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Bios update

Level 7
The updates to the bios of the motherboard CROSSHAIR V FORMULA Z, serve you the CROSSHAIR V FORMULA motherboard and if so, which version is more stable:)

Level 10

It is a bit difficult to answer you question as there is a variety of hardware out there as well as "how" you use your system.

I don't do any overclocking so I have been using 1901 without any issues so for me it has been stable.

I believe others that are "over clocking" their system are using 1501 (HizVizMan can you confirm).

Hope this gives you a little can also search the forum to see what issues may exist with 1501, 1701, etc

Maybe post your system specs to see if anyone knows of an issue with a specific BIOS version and let's say for example a touch graphics card 🙂

Keep us posted on your progress.

For trouble-shooting tips see my blog at:


MB: Crosshair V Formula-Z • CPU: FX-8350 • GPU: Asus Matrix R9 280x • RAM: 8GB of Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer (1866)• PSU: Thermaltake DPS Thoughpower 750 Watt • CPU Cooler: Thermaltake Frio Advanced • Keyboard: TT Sports Challanger Ultimate • Mouse: TT Sports Black Element • Case: Thermaltake GT Level 10


Level 7
you give me answer for the fomula Z v crosshair motherboard,

I need to motherboard crosshair v formula, a bios the most stable

Level 11
you cant use the Z bios with the "normal" formula i have the old "normal" formula and i just use the last bios posted by asus with no problems at all

Level 10
you can get it here
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