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BIOS splash screen skipped, cannot access BIOS

Level 7
I see some others had this problem in searches but no resolution? *

I have the Rampage Extreme VI and noticed that the motherboard will suddenly stop displaying the BIOS splash screen to enter BiOS with F2 or DEL keys. *The screen never shows up and the computer proceeds directly into Windows. *

Whenever I do a cold start and repeatedly hit the BIOS key the computer just stops booting and I’m left with a blank screen and no monitor input.

I’ve tried:

- I know for a fact that fast boot is disabled as yesterday troubleshooting I took out the boot drive so the PC stopped at the BIOS prompt when windows would not load.*
- From windows doing a restart into UEFI brings me to a blank screen/hung start (like above, when blindly pressing the DEL/BIOs key on startup
-Yesterday the BIOS splash screen showed up perfectly after reinserting the Boot drive (M.2 SSD) yet mysteriously the BIOS splash screen disappears again (fast boot enabled again somehow??)*
-Unplugging power and cold start does not reveal splash screen
-Removing battery does not help*

I’m so puzzled and annoyed. *The PC is making automatic adjustment somehow and there is no way I can get into BIOS without being a contortionist and squeezing my hand past the liquid cooling plumping to yet again remove the boot drive **

Has anyone experienced this? *Also AI suite refuses to to work or install on windows 10 v2004