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BIOS boot menu shows wrong entries

Level 7

My motherboard is an ASUS Maximus Vii Ranger. One HDD and two SSD drives are installed.  Windows 10 uses two of the drives and the third one is for Linux operating systems.  I also installed the rEFInd boot loader as an alternate to the Windows bootmanager.  And, of course, there is a DVD drive that is bootable but not functioning at this time.

A power failure caused the rEFInd boot loader to become corrupt as well as one of the Linux installations.  I uninstalled both from the system and am now using the Windows bootmanager as my default.  When I go into BIOS boot priority menu, the uninstalled devices still appear as choices.  The boot menu (shown by pressing F8) also shows the missing devices in spite of my disabling them in the boot order menu. 

I presume there is some interaction between the UEFI and BIOS boot management, but the rEFInd directory in the /EFI partition no longer exists.  The ASUS BIOS shows it as an option.  Is there a way to make the BIOS menus reflect what is actually available to boot?