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bios 2406 bad

Level 7
Hello, to anyone out there getting ready to update their bios to 2406 DONT.
I did so this morning 7/09/19, and it has issues. I have a strix b450-f gaming board, and used to run cool and quiet "no pun intended" at 22c @ idle and 55c max @ 100% load for any length on my 1700x with a hyper t4 cooler. After the bios update not only did the mouse quit working in the bios but my temps went to 33c @ idle to 65c @ load. This is not good. I warn you please do not update. if you have updated use afudos with bios 2301 to fix your issues. If you need help doing this i am here and will be checking post.

Level 7
I was about to upgrade to the 2406 BIOS update but after reading all the issues folks were having I decided not to. I have the ROG Cross Hair Hero VII Wif edition with the AMD 2700X CPU.

The BIOS release notes are always so vague like "System Stability" ....REALLY. ASUS can you tell us what you are stabilizing in the system? Just a few more words of detail would be nice. I hope they fix this BIOS before a large community gets fired up.

I agree 100%. They need to give detailed specifics as to what they change, so we as consumers can decide if we need it. I just learned from a tech tuber that some bios updates across several manufacturers are breaking the bios and some machines altogether. Some bios updates going out are breaking raid configs.
Boot Sequence on youtube just reported on this.

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Yes its problems with many of the new bios releases now (judging from forum posts)
For some reason Asus always seem to be at the forefront of sketchy bios releases. most of them labeled with improved performance and stability
I cant remember MSI having issues like this (when i had MSI motherboards before, but it was intel on the other hand)
agesa seem to add complicity to the scenario
I hope things will turn to the better soon..

I think there should be some hardcore quality assurance going on. If it is who ever is doing it should be fired because obviously there are issues with many of the bios that has been release in last couple of days. They should have been testing it for the last week to verify non breakage of user systems after update.

Having the same issues here amongst other things asus are becoming unreliable

Level 10
Wireless mouse not working in bios for me.

Level 9
Why would you update the BIOS to a version that is Obviously made for the new 3000 series CPUs when you are still using a 2000 Series CPU.
I have a 2600 and I am still using BIOS version 1201 because it works extremely well with my OC'd CPU and OC'd RAM.

BIOS 2406 is an early version for 3000 Series CPUs so you should have assumed there would be bugs just like Every BIOS from Every MB manufacturer that has been released for the 3000 series CPUs so far.
Asus Updates 35 Motherboards for Ryzen 3000,39201.html

Level 7
Problem is we cannot roll back to a working one....I talked with tech support-at least not the ROG Strix B450-f

You most definitely can roll back, it just takes a little work.
Their is a guide to using afudos to roll back in this forum. If you follow this forum you should be back to normal with no problems. If you are unsure about what to do after reading through the guide message me and i will try to explain it better.