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bios 2105 on rampage extreame 4 problem

Level 7
I installed it on my pc 's asus rampage Exreme 4 motherboard with bios 2003 and had no problem, I then updated the bios to version 2105 and I have found several problems, the most serious is that it does not recognize my hd .
I accidentally overwritten by bios bios running 2003 with the 2105, and now I find myself with two bios 2105 ... I tried to reinstall the old bios 2003 but at the time of reading the file the 2003 'ez flash utility tells me that the file 2003 is outdated and does not allow me to install the old bios, I tried to clear the cmos to remove the battery buffer but nothing is served. Can you help me to solve the problem.


Level 16
Use USB Flashback to go back to 2003. Check the directions at the sticky.
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I already tried with usb flashback but I upgrade the bios to 2003?

any idea?

Level 40

Level 10
Make sure to follow the instructions exactly for USB flashback, it will work.

my bios flash button(clear cmos) ( usb flashback not flashback utility in the bios) is always on even if it is not in use ... so I can not proceed to reset the bios.....motherboard is break???

Level 40
:confused: No, this is always lit! So you can flash BIOS in the dark;)