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Best GENE BIOS for Sandy Bridge 4EVER!!!

Level 7
HI All,

I was using a Maximus IV Gene-z with BIOS 902 for 2 years but unfortunatelly in the last month my mobo died suddenly and never wake up again.
I believe that is a BIOS crash that happened but i have purchase a new winbond bios chip and a USB EEPROM writer from ebay that will take a month to come.
So i have decided to purchase a new mobo and try to repair and sell the old mobo latter.
The interesting part is that in the last 2 years i have used my i7 2600k at 4.6Ghz with incredible low vcode 1.16v!
And some of you know that any BIOS after 0902 for GENE-Z will change the vcore to very high voltage without any reason. (There is a threat talking about that here)
What many people do (including me) is to revert back and stay with 0902.
Well i use a good watercooling and the temps of my 2600k never pass 55C. (Even at full load with IBT).

Here come the SAD story.

I have decided to go with a Maximus V GENE because i can still use my 2600k and has a possibility to upgrade to a Ivy Bridge i7 3770k in the future and have a good OC.
I have analyzed the possibility to go with a Maximus VI GENE or a Maximus HERO but the i7 4770k doesn't have a good OC capability and people are having bad times to reach 4.6Ghz easelly.

Well, i got the Maximus V GENE this week and in this weekend i have replaced the MOBO.
(I have a EK Mosfet for M4G that in another forum someone said that is compatible with M5G, but when i tried to move the old M4G Mosfet to the new M5G a capacitor near the 2x 4pin 12V is in the way, so even if the screw positions is identical the EK Mosfet won't fit the new Maximus V GENE 😞 and i will need to purchase a new one)

For my surprise after replace the mobo and configure them i CAN'T reach 4.6Ghz!!!!!
In M4G i can use the profile 4.6Ghz from the bios setup, but in the M5G this won't work.

I'm trying in the last 24 hours many combinations to archive the 4.6Ghz OC but no success.

The last configuration that i have tried (And is the one that i'm using now) is:
Vcore 1.3750
PLL 1.69370
And this is not stable as i can't pass the IBT test.

The temperatures are higher now as with the old 0902 bios with Gene-Z i run with 35C./36C. idle now i Got 39C/40C. idle

Tried many different PPL /Vcore combinations but nothing has worked.

I remeber that 2 years ago i have upgraded the M4G with a new BIOS and the same thing happened, high vcore and high temps and that is why i revert back to 0902.

Now with a new mobo version what to do?
Is there a 0902 like bios for Maximus V GENE?
Or i'm fated to live with a 2600k that can run 4.6Ghz Vcore 1.16v in a old mobo that now can't stay stable with v1.370 in a new mobo?

What existing inside the bios 0902 must be analyzed from the ASUS engineer to discover what miracle is used there.
Why after this bios no other BIOS archive the same level of performance?

Well, i just can say that MAXIMUS IV GENE-Z BIOS 0902 is the BEST Sandy Bridge BIOS 4EVER!!!!!!

Some information about the high Vcore here: