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Whea_uncorrectable_error windows 8

I'm having some problems when I run my computer.I've encountered error whea_uncorrectable_error.I tried to fix it but failed.My system running 2100k with i3 CPU is running normally.But when I replace it with i7 3770K CPU, the error arises.My system i...

Problem with Ai Suite 3 in BF3

Hey guys, is anyone getting severe stuttering in BF3 with Ai Suite 3 installed? Thats twice now in 10 days I have install windows to get rid of the problem with AI Suite 3 being the last program installed both times and only one installed today. What...

Fixed voltage or offset voltage

First when i started toy around with the board i increased the vcore manually to get higher clocks but now i have found that offset thing:)I havent been doing any big comparisons about the two yet but was wondering something.Like now i did this setup...

ASUS Z87-Pro does not post

Hello,I just bought components for a new gaming PC and am having problems starting the computer.This is my setup:Asus Z87-PROIntel Core i7-4770KPatriot Viper 3 16GB DDR3 PC-17000 2133MHz (PV316G213C1K) (2x8GB)Samsung 840 Pro Series SSD 128GB SATA3Zal...

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Maximus VI Hero - AI Suite III V1.00.50 Not Installing

I've installed all my drivers, no issues there. But when I try installing AI Suite III V1.00.50 from the ASUS Maximum VI Hero Drivers page, the setup.exe keeps running in the background but nothing happens.If I install AI Suite from the CD, it works,...

Sudden unexplaned error codes

So yesterday i moved, very careful with my rig of course. Just re-set it up in my new place but it refused to boot. Error codes rotating betwen AE and 34. NO hardware changes prior to this. Cleared CMOS multiple times, re seated RAM, checked everythi...

external temp reading

hello..Anyone know if there is a way to get a cpu temp reading, with an external display?, socket on the mobo, 2 pin??There must be some way, but my head isnt spinning in the normal orbit today..Cheersvery, very sunny up here today..

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PCIe Confusion

Heyya FolkzMy first Post ... so first of all: Hello everybody and im really happy to own a RE4 And heres my first question ... i searched the forum already but i just dont seem to get it right.I got two GTX 690 and a GTX 760 as well as an Adaptec Ra...

P5K Premium

ok strange thing happened ..had this board in a different case and gave it to my dad ..it was working after the install ..then it went to power light and no boot ..tried the bat out and leaving it .. clear cmos ..any suggestions ? myself I think it i...