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QVL is it right ?

I'm looking for RAM for the ROG Impact, I been checking the QVL and some of the RAM listed has 4 modules ? Surely this can't be right as the Impact only has two Dimm slots. What's going on ? have I missed something or is ASUS just not checking compa...

ASOUTER by Level 7
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Maximus V Cannot Change "Turbo Ratio" to manual

Hi,I'm having a hangup while trying to OC my CPU. In Bios Under Turbo Ratio I do not have a manual option, all i have is Auto, By All Cores (Canot Adjust in OS), and By Per Core (Cannot Adjust in OS). I've overclocked before on this board and there h...

R4E High latency in Win 7 (DPC Latency Checker + CPU-Z)

Hello here,I'm new on ROG board but I'm using ROG motherboards since a long time now.So, what I'd want to talk about concerns a strange behaviour on my setup with DPC latency.Here is my setup :-3930K-R4E-16Gb Trident X CAS9-GTX780 SLI-bios 4102First ...

Dr_Mad by Level 7
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Warning only one real PWM Fan on Maximus VI extreme/z87

I was trying to get a Swiftech 8 way fan splitter to work off of a PWM style and labeled Chassis Fan header (all of them).The PWM labeled fan headers control the fans like they are 3 pin fans. This means externally powered splitters won't work. The f...

CRASCH by Level 7
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NGFF M.2 vs RAIDR Express vs Raid 0 SSD

So i am undecided what to do hard drive wise for my new build once my MVIF comes from the supplier to me at work. I have been looking around but cant find any proper comparison between these SSD combinations below. What will have the best overall per...

Crosshair V- Bios Updates Where are They?

So since I havent seen a Bios update since close to November of last year is Asus abandoning its former AMD flagship motherboard in favor of the -Z? I hope not because of the upcoming AM3+ processors more towards the end of the year and other things ...

NickT by Level 9
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first rog board and new set of problems lol

Hi, im new to the rog series boards, i have the formula v but its at the shop where they are testing it for faults, purchased on weekend and did the usual fresh install win 7-64It would work fine and then all of a sudden it would just shutdown the sc...

mob_bob by Level 7
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