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Crosshair V Formula Z - 4 pin EATX 12v power connector

Hello, I just completed my build and I really like this motherboard! My only question right now, is that I noticed there is an extra 4 pin EATX 12v power connector at the top of the board. I'd like to connect it to the PSU, but I'd like to know how? ...

erikmatt by Level 7
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Asus Maximus GENE IV network problem

Im trying to sort out an issue that its not directly to asus but intel, but since Asus chose Intel I217-V as their lan card, maybe they have seen this issue or have a way to correct it,All my computers, past GENE IV build, an Intel H61AG, and my SUP...

Abula by Level 9
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M6Hero misc problems

Two days ago I received a new M6Hero, luckily one of the new C2 stepping. Since the initial install I have been having misc problems, some sorted some not. Here goes:Basic info - aside from the new CPU (i7-4770k) and motherboard, all other componen...

Won't Boot into Windows. Boots into bios. Need Help!!!

I loaded windows 7 64 bti into ssd and bios setting is boot #1 priorty ssd but it goes to bios with a fatal error for cpu fan and F1 to enter bios. My rig is water cooled. And i have to manualy go into windows from bios. Why?

Retired by Not applicable
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Maximus vi hero ram problem

Hi,I am currently using m6h with i5-4670k and 2x8gb gskill ripjaws x 1600 mhz cl 9 ram. When i try use both ram sticks either in red or black slots pc boot after 4-7 attempts. When using only 1 ram stick everything working perfectly fine. I tried cle...

arthane by Level 7
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Overclock Failed Bios Message after overclocking GPU.

Hi Guys I have got a question , I overclocked my CPU to a stable 4.7Ghz @ 1.38Vcc , temps are at 60Degrees at full load over 1hour of stress testing with prime95. (Custom Loop)Now when I overclock my TITANS after a certain amount of time my Screen go...

Thum8er by Level 7
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Intel Z87 CPU & DRAM Led error

Hi allI have some problem with my ASUS MAXIMUS VI EXTREME - Intel Z87 .My components are:ASUS MAXIMUS VI EXTREME - Intel Z87Corsair AX860iIntel Core i7-4770KKingston HyperX Beast XMP 32GB (kit 4x 8GB) 2133MHzKingston HyperX SSD 120GBWD Blue WD10EZEX ...

MAXIMUS V EXTREME - won't boot, no post, no qcode

Hi everyone,I was a first run so i mounted it out of case,Single memory, no HDD, just CPU and GPU .Connected main power line, eatx12v, and power to GPU.After power on, Start, Reset and bios light up,but after pressing start,mainboard acted as if somt...

madnespl by Level 7
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