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Crossfire Slot Question

I've got a question with regards to dual Crossfire PCIe slot arrangement on the Rampage IV Extreme. I am thinking of getting a second AMD Radeon 7970 to go with the first one I already have in my gaming rig. However I have some questions regarding th...

dchhui by Level 7
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Need help regarding upgrade latest bios 1503 (CHV5)

Hye,i'am new here..only just register after buy ROG part.. But now i have problem.. Ok guys, this my rig:* Crosshair V Formula 5 (now bios 1503) * AMD FX-8350 * AVEXIR Core Series 8GB Kit (4GB x 2) dual channel 240-pin DDR3 1600MHz (AVD3U16000904G-2C...

speckey by Level 7
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New build MVIF

Hi building my first intel rig in a few years (last one was a Celeron 300c slot one)lol....wondering if there is anything I should know before I start tips tricks whatever B)? thanks in advance for any help. MVI Formula4770kgskills 2x8GB @ 2400 Samsu...

thumpz by Level 7
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blu screen

can some one make sense of this for me,i got a blu screen and this is what it said if u need me to send somthing else tell me ,so i know what to take out or reinstall ,is this the intel me or the rst ?thanks

NoLife by Level 9
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Maximus Hero Clock/Time

Has anyone noticed the clock not keeping the correct time? I have to constantly update it and didn't know if this was a BIOS fix.Thanks

MVF Pcie slot 1 stuck in x1 bus width

Hello Everyone, This is my first post on ROG. Hopefully someone has a little insite on this issue. I have a MVF mobo with 2 way sli 780s. In the bios I am reading the GPU in slot one (top) as running at x1 bus width and GPU in slot two in x8. Both ...

26340 26341 26342

Maximus VI Impact vcache bug ?

I'm running an impact with bios 404 and when setting the "cpu cache voltage override" to manual and dialing in the voltage I want, the voltage applied will be much higher. For instance, if I put 1.130v the reading on bios will be 1.148, if I put 1.1...

FiNAS by Level 10
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MAXIMUS VI EXTREME and Corsair H100i problem?

Hello, I just have 1 question (for now) I have M6E and 100i after installing h100i CPU back plate for holding it it is too loose. It looks like this (image not from my board but it is same as on mine board) Question is Will H100i wont be to loose o...

Rimc_LT by Level 7
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