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Asus Z97M Plus USB 3.1 port not recognized

Hi, like the title said i have problem with the USB 3.1 port on mid-board connected on USB 3.0 front panel case which is not working in BIOS or Windows,just with that port i have problem, the other 4 USB 3.1 at back panel works.The front panel is H...

Maximus VII Hero M2 SSD Trouble

Ok I got this M2 the other day- XPG SX8200 PCIe NVMe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 960GB Now I know I wont get the full speed of this since I have an older M2 slot but I don't care. Trying to use this drive as storage and not a boot/OS drive. But the drive isn'...

MeatEtr by Level 7
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ASUS Maximus VII Ranger doesn't boot

Hello guys!I am experiencing problems, which are connected with my ASUS Maximus VII ranger motherboard. Image doesn't display on the screen, q-codes 58, 59 and (mostly) 55 are being displayed on the mbs' screen.LEDs are also flashing when i turn on m...

ltst132 by Level 7
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Maximus VI Gene and Nvidia RTX video cards

Using a Maximus VI Gene motherboard (BIOS 1603), has anyone been able to install the Nvidia drivers for an RTX video card ?I installed an RTX 2070 video card on this motherboard running Windows 10.The PC will boot into Windows 10, but the Microsoft B...

Denna by Level 11
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Maximus Hero VII Memory Issue

I've started getting alerts about memory issues on my system, so I bought a set of 32gb memory DMMs to fix the problem and upgrade. Since I can't find any up-to-date lists of memory/mobo compatibility for the Maximus Hero VII, I got Corsair memory wi...

Want to boot Sabertooth X58 from NVMe PCI-e SSD

I have a PC that was built on the Sabertooth X58 mobo. I would like to upgrade it to boot from and use a NVMe PCI-e SSDs. The BIOS is 1402 which was released in 2012 and still is listed as the newest BIOS for the board. The NVMe adapter boards are...

Coil whine on Asus Z370-P II

Hello Everyone,Can you help me with my coil whine problem? I have a Z370-P II motherboard from Asus and when i move the mouse i have a little coil whine that sounds from the CPU/RAM area. When i stress the processor with p95 or other stress software ...

snuk95 by Level 7
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RAID not working on B350 Prime plus

OK. So I got a new AM4 mobo on friday, and I can't get my RAID0 array to work.Specs:Asus B350 Prime plus2x 2tb hard drives RAID01x 1tb1x 256gb SSDThe raid was configured in my old system, and re-creating it is not an option (contains 4tb of data).Wha...