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Maximus VI Impact Sound Card

Apparently there is a bug in the driver for the sound card currently that will not allow users to correctly configure their headphones. No matter what I do the software will only detect my headphones as speakers.... I have no control over the amp and...

OMGBEES by Level 8
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CPU led on - no startup

Maximus V Formula - 3770KPlugged in a second GTX770 and went to power the system up. It very briefly tried to start but immediately shut down. I noticed a slight burning smell. I removed the second GPU and now nothing will work.Fans all power up. ...

red454 by Level 11
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Maximus VI Formula : VGA in slot 1 PCIEx not detected

Hi All,For my first post I would have hope another situation...My setup is : core I7 4770k + EK Supremacy Elite WB16GB RAM (4x4) Corsair Dominator GTSLI with ASUS GTX780 Direct CU II OC + EK custom WB for GTX780Direct CU II2 x Samsung SSD 840 Pro 256...

KingJuL by Level 7
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4 way optimization issue

my specs:z87 deluxe bios:1205i7 4770kgskill 4x4gb F3-14900CL9Q-16GBXLwindows 7 64 bitmy problem:When I ran the 4 way optimization process in AI Suite 3 it overclocked my cpu to 4,7 GHz on 1.275 V. Shortly after the blue screen appeared. When the sys...

mercska by Level 7
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M5F sudden booting trouble

Hi guys,so my Maximus V Formula board seem to have developed a problem, atleast I can't seem to think of anything I have done which could have caused this problem. One morning I woke up and flipped the power button on my CoolerMaster HAF X, but the s...

Ardox by Level 7
  • 16 replies
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Asus RIVE PCI slots dont work?

Asus Rampage IV ExtremeIntel i73939K @ 3.2Ghz (No OC)Kingston DDR3 HyperX Predator 32GB (2x16GB)Corsair AX 1200iGeForce 690GTXWindows 8 proSamsung 240 PRO 256gb in RAID 0So I have a GTX 690 in the 1st PCIe slot, and wireless card in the small PCIe 1x...

Multiple Fans on 1 Cha_fan header

Hi everyone,I'm a long-time reader, first time poster.I recently started a new build with a M6E. My case has 4 case fans i would like to be controlled by the board and fan expert 2, but there are only 3 cha_fan headers on the board. Is it possible to...

Endo2412 by Level 7
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Multiple RAID on Crosshair

Jorre wrote:Hi i have a crosshair v formula with two ssd's in raid 0 and ar planing to putt 5 3Tb hard drives in raid 5 is this possible or do i need to get a raid card? an what happens to a software raid if you change to a new motherboard?HiVizMan w...

Jorre by Level 7
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