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Windows 10 version 1903 on PRIME Z370-A

Hi,Have anyone upgraded to Windows 10 version 1903 with this motherboard with all of its drivers/software from the support page and can say its working properly?I'm wondering if to upgrade or not due to issues I've heard around ASUS AI Suite III late...

katlani by Level 9
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XMP or Memory Overclock WITHOUT CPU Overclock

Hey All,I would like to overclock my ram to at least the officially supported Intel spec for my 14 Core 9940x 9th gen CPU. Intel states 2666mhz support. I have the UEFI bios on a Prime Deluxe IIWe all know ram defaults to 2133mhz. Could anyone offer ...

Bios Maximus Geve V

hi guys i have a problem on the card maximus gene v. does not start the bios and gives me error 98 on the card ..

iena85 by Level 7
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please help : The embedded controller (EC) ASUS hero VII

please help test RAM okTest psu ok Test gpu ok: The embedded controller (EC) returned data when none was requested. The BIOS might be trying to access the EC without synchronizing with the operating system. This data will be ignored. No further act...

pcngr by Level 7
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P9X79 Update Bios from 1203 to 4701!! Errors

I have an P9X79 Deluxe running 1203 bios and Downloaded 4701 version from the driver support page to able to upgrade it and I have error. Everytime I go though the the steps and select the new update patch from the USB I keep getting the same massage...

Maximus vii hero 6 short beeps beepcode and doesnt boot

Hi i wanted to check if someone encountered similar problem. My pc began giving a beep code of 6 short beeps couple of seconds silence and 6 short beeps and so on. But after reset it would boot up. But two days ago it gave the same beepcode but now i...

USB Keyboard issues on all Asus intel based boards.

I've had this issue for the longest time, with boards dating back to Sandybridge. Whenever I plug in a powered USB hub into intel USB port, the board will not detect keyboard on bootup, no matter whether its plugged into the hub or any other port. Se...

och1 by Level 7
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00 code and PSU weird problem?

okay so my PC was like 4-5 years from now until it restarting it self when i play games even such a low end games like "Guts and Glory" you know this game wasn't that heavy , so i brought new PSU (Corsair VS 650w) replaced with older (Cougar VTX 700)...