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Maximus VII Hero and m.2 ssd's

I'm considering the purchase of a m.2 ssd, samsung 970 evo 1tb, to move my programs to but can't seem to locate any information on whether or not this mb is compatible with it. Have any of you used this or any other m key m.2 ssd on this mb and if s...

Asus Rampage IV Formula cpu red light problem

Greetings, here is my problem and how i solved it. ( TLDR: in the end )Should also point out that i'm no expert and i've never dealt with bios or any of that kinky stuff.It just happens that when i'm pissed sh't goes down. Also english is not my main...

Can't update bios on x99M ws

Trough the bios. Tried reading the file directly from harddrive and from usb, but I keep beinf told its not a proper biod file. I tried X99-M-WS-ASUS-3803.cap and renaimg it didn't work either. I'm on w10. What is wrong? Do I need to update to a prev...

asus strix B450 bios 1003 2400g raven ridge bug

Hoping some Asus tech will see this and pass it on so it can can be fixed in a future bios update. Bios 1003 has a bug where if you change the UMA frame buffer size for raven ridge CPUs like the 2400G from auto, it will cause boot failure with the wh...