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Maximus V Gene BSOD problems

Hi guys,I need help. I'm having BSOD problems with my Maximus V Gene lately. I noticed some things about it since I started using it but there were no BSODs before. Just today.Specs:CPU: i5-2500k OCed to 4.0GhzBoard: Maximus V Gene (bios version 1903...

najirion by Level 7
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Uefi confused

Im not understanding this whole uefi thing. I understand it to a point. But how do i set up raid in it? Do i not even set it up until im in windows? I created a raid array on intels matrix control i. When i set everything to what its suposed to be fo...

OPTIX by Level 9
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Does the Maximus Vi Formula

Hi, does the M6F restrict seating of the video card in the pci slots because of the armour?? If so which oem doesn't ie Asus 700 series and brand x 700 series

Help with SLI bridge

Hey mateI have a VI Formula with EK blocks, can you tell me which SLI bridge you're using?With the 60mm space between the first two PCI-E slots, is it a double or a triple?

Issues with sound audio and chrome hanging

So I have my Impact set up all nice and for the most part working ok. I've noticed that chome seems to be slower than my old PC that i just upgraded from. My symptom would be Chome would be unresponsive for 5-15 seconds when loading certain pages I...

brkdncr by Level 7
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Formula VI and G.Skill + 1.65 volt - Rams

Hi, I am so excited for building my dream PC. I wonder if G.SKILL Trident X Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2400 (PC3 19200) Desktop Memory Model F3-2400C9Q-16GTXD will be compatible with Formula VI? The reason I ask this question is th...

Owhora by Level 7
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another ram issue, possible dimm slot failure

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any advice. A few months ago i built my first rig from the ground up. These are the current specs: i7 3930k 3.2 (@44.0 currently)h100iRivE16gb geil evo corsa (2x8) 1333mhzevga gtx 680 ftw standard w/backplate 4gban...

Tendain by Level 7
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Maximus VI Formula + RAIDR - Not recognising UEFI?!

Hello, I Installed my new rig yesterday, and for some reason I cannot get the BIOS to recognise my RAIDR in UEFI mode, only works in legacy mode, has anyone had a simular issue and resolved it?Please any help would be greatly appreciated!Thank you!

Ironside by Level 7
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Gpu fans stuck on 100%

Hi there,just installed everything on this lovely new board,but i seem to have a problem with my graphics card fans being stuck on 100% all the time.It's a clean install of win8 and tried latest whql's and latest beta drivers from amdThe card was wor...

nakkers by Level 7
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