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Kingston V300 / BIOS SSD Settings

Hi,Just purchased a 240GB SSD today, and looking for some info as to what options I can enable/disable in my BIOS.I just want to disable all the unnecessary settings and enable some perhaps to speed up the loading times from the SSD. As it will be my...

ogiluvv by Level 7
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Maximus VI Hero - TG Header?

Hello,I have one simple question, what is the TG_HEADER at the bottom of the Maximus VI Hero (it is left of the CLRTC jumper)? I haven't been able to find any actual info regarding this header. Reviews just list it in the specs, and it isn't in the m...

Sherbat by Level 7
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RIVF to RIVE - oc slowed down

Hi.I've transitioned ove to a RIVE from RIVF, and using the same settings, my max oc when gaming sits at 4.2, while priming it's 4.6 all the way. I have the latest bios ver on the board, and was wondering what is going on?I'm using manual oc, and off...

Maximus V Formula, computer no longer boots

Greetings,This evening when I went to boot my computer up I found that the PSU would click on, the fans would spin up, and then the PSU would click off and everything would shut down. That would happen in about half a second. About 2 seconds later,...

Maximus VI extreme wont boot up

Hello. I purchased a motherboard maximus VI extreme recently and when setting my new pc up I cant manage to make it boot. I cant even get to bios screen or anything it just stops on the initial loadI keep getting error 99 wich acording to the user gu...

kaitos by Level 7
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Maximus VI Formula will not boot - Code 98

Hi everyoneI've been using PC since the Pentium P133 days, but never actually put together a rig by myself, so please excuse any noob questions that may come up later.Anyway, I bought a new rig last week, specs as follows:CPU: i-7 4770KMB: Maximus VI...

Trim in RAID turned off and won't come back on!

I looked in the registry and the code is "0x0000004f (79)". If I double click on DiskScore it's "4". I've ran WEI multiple times and then ran trimcheck-0.5.exe and my trim won't come back on?? Should I reload the intel drivers? My driver is

Formula on-board sound problem under 8.1

Hi guys,I have the following system running on Windows 8.1 x64...Maximus VI Formula, i7 4770K, GTX 780, 16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM I have my main audio routed out through a Creative X-FI Titanium HD without any problems. But I have my TS3 audio route...