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boom! FX mania - 4 FX chip tested by FlanK3r

Enthusiasm is back for few days...I tested FX-8320, 8300, 9590 ES (this one borrowed) and FX-9370. But I need few days for report it. So first little warmup.All CPUs was tested at older Asus Corsshair V Formula (no Z!), ambients was between 20-22C in...

FlanK3r by Level 13
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Maximus V gene mobo not powering down after Window 7 does.

As the title states, my pc is not powering off when I shut down Windows 7. Windows shuts down and my screen goes black. However, my system stays on with the fans and water cooler running. I can shut the pc down by holding in power button until it go...

FX mania II. - Crosshair V Formula and FX-9370

So, what do you mean? New FX-9370 and old motherboard? It be working? Yes!Im use for benchtable old and good one Asus Crosshair V Formula. This is really the solid board I think Asus make the best boards for AM3+. Cooling in all setups was AMD Allino...

FlanK3r by Level 13
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FX mania I. - Crosshair V Formula and FX-8320

FX-8320 is second fighter from oldschool batch 1229PGN. I have two 8320 but this one I do not tested before. I can say this one is worse than first one...LLC I set as high, so real voltage was near the CPU-Z info.ROG realbenchmark at 4766 MHz as warm...

FlanK3r by Level 13
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Please fix WiFi for Windows 8 on Maximus V Extreme

Hello,Few days ago I upgraded from Windows 7 x64 to Windows 8 x64 (clean install RAID 0 UEFI - default 1903 bios) with a hope after such a long time it's been released there should not be much of a problem with drivers. It looked promising and withou...

Melkor by Level 7
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win 8.1 issue i think

so I am running my max v extreme actually running since 4 rmas later and sent a brand new replacement for the hassle I reinstalled my win 64 8 pro os finally got in and went to upgrade to win 8.1 through the win 8 staore as I hit the download and ins...

How to OC with Vmware Esxi OS

Hi,Did anyone tried OC on ESXi host.In Bios I am able to see proper OC freq. But when I check in my Virtual machine. It shows default CPU freq.Is there any option which needs to be enable so that Virtual Machine able to recognize current CPU freq.Tha...

devn143 by Level 7
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AE code on MVI-Extreme

Hi all,I'm building a new system and it's by far my first time building PCs. Although I am new the whole UEFI bios. Just bought the following componentsASUS Maximus VI ExtremeIntel I7-4770kG.Skill Trident-X 16GB 2666 MHZ (F3-2666C11Q-32GTXD)OCZ 1250W...

Austix by Level 7
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