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could really use some help...

Hi folksI'm about to sort out my system prior to BF4 appearing and one thing I want to do is install Windows 8 (seen alot how it can improve fps a bit from the beta) and give this new OS a try (new to me anyway). But the one thing I'm pretty nervous ...

PM BUS Bridge ????????? AAAAAAa drives me nuts help please.

PM Bus Bridge ????What a hack is that ? .It is really drives me crazy. I'm install Win 8.1 and some sound start to pop up every 2 seconds, I know it's kind of device, but I can't find it ,I can't remove it,it back by itself when I tryed to remove it...

Looking for Opinions.....

Hi fixing to upgrade my graphics on my new rig for ghosts and bf4. My problem I cant decide ATI or Nvidia was thinking of crossfire or sli new r9 270x or gtx760? cant really afford the 290 or a titan. So let me know what you all think and why thanks....

thumpz by Level 7
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No Intel Management Engine in RIVE?

I have a new Rampage IV Extreme board with an Ivy Bridge-E processor (BIOS 4403).In the BIOS main page it says:ME version: N/ANot available? What does it mean?I downloaded the Intel Management Engine firmware and when I execute the MEInfo...

Yoshi__s by Level 7
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bad chip? 4.6 Ghz at 1.312 volt

I love my new build, but I like to overclock it a bit more. I found out that it can reach to 4.6 Ghz at 1.312 volt. Is it bad? I am new to overclocking things. Just FYI. Should I replace that chip? See the attached. What do you think? Thanks a lot! ...

Owhora by Level 7
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Worth installing LAN and Audio Drivers?

I always ignore the LAN and Audio Drivers for my motherboard, since everything works as expected. Is there any reason to install the drivers from the ASUS site if I am not running into issues?I think I can ignore the audio drivers for sure, since I a...

teh_g by Level 7
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Maximus IV Gene-Z audio problem

So. I have a Sony Soundbar that I have used with my computer for about a year perfectly fine. About a week ago I installed a new optical drive (sd card etc) and ever since then.. my soundbar has stopped working. I can still plug my headphones into th...

Confused - Rampage IV Extreme EZ_Plug_1 pinout.

I see everyone says to plug a PCI-E cable into the EZ_Plug_1 socket however, I noticed the plug is not actually the same as a PCI-E socket. Very close, but the top middle pin on the EZ_Plug_1 board socket is square, and the top middle pin on a PCI-E...

D0G2001 by Level 7
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Crosshair V Formula - GameFirst II

Hi, i want to install GameFirst II utility but this program not compatible with Crosshair V Formula. And this error message ;http://oi43.tinypic.com/291kj20.jpgPlease, i need GameFirst II utility to Crosshair V FormulaRegards.

boom! FX mania - 4 FX chip tested by FlanK3r

Enthusiasm is back for few days...I tested FX-8320, 8300, 9590 ES (this one borrowed) and FX-9370. But I need few days for report it. So first little warmup.All CPUs was tested at older Asus Corsshair V Formula (no Z!), ambients was between 20-22C in...

FlanK3r by Level 13
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