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Crossfire help.

I just install another XFX 6950 to go crossfire and then when i power up my pc and went to my amd catalyst center there's no button that i can enable to. do i need to plug my gpu on both PCIEX_16 or is it ok to plug the second one on PCIE_8X?

R4F won't post after crash

Hey all,In something I did not even expect to be messing with today, I seem to be having some trouble with my rig. I started up Prime95 completely out of the blue because I wanted to grab a quick screenshot of CPU-Z just because I like to keep screen...

thebski by Level 9
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Config Options for Formula with 2 gtx 780's and RAIDR card.

I have a dilema, I have recently finished building a Maximus VI Formula based rig after which I impulse purchased a RAIDR SSD card and am now faced with a configuration issue.I have 2 780gtx cards in the PCIE3 x16 slots along with the recently purcha...

devans by Level 7
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Dynamic CPU help

Hi Guys,Rig is running great on the RIVE. I have my i7 4930 running at 4.6ghz with 1.375v for a week now. The issue is that it runs at 4.6ghz all the time even at idle. I set the "Sync All Cores" to 46. I'd like to let the CPU step down the spe...

Ozy311 by Level 7
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Maximus vi hero undo overclock

Hello,I've recently upgraded to a Maximus VI Hero from a Crosshair V and I have used AI Suite 3 to overclock my system to 4.6GHz. I was wondering if there was a way to undo the overclock and change it back to stock settings besides uninstalling AI Su...

i3uddah by Level 7
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Question regarding the 3rd Pcie SLOT ON M6F

Hello guys,As you can see on other threads I'm running a 780 SLI on M6E and I'm affected by the B2 slot issue and this is driving me crazy.BUT my question is (because I'm planing to move on M6Formula) if I can use the following configuration.(red) PC...

Raiden by Level 7
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2 way sli and SB X-Fi Xtreme

Hi everybody.I have Rampage if Extreme and I just got a Tiamat 7.1 headset. It recommends certain sound cards, so I got the Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme. I have 2 670's in slots 1 and 4 to take advantage of the dual x16. The problem is that my pcie ...

Crosshair V Formula-Z issues..

I apologize in advice im not sure if im posting in right place also fairly new to building pc's. The first problem im having are crashing on wake up from sleep with a memory.dmp blue screen.second problem is when i turn ram up to 1866mhz windows wil...

Addons by Level 7
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Maximis VI slow boot with Asmedia enabled

I 'm experiencing slow booting at the windows animation logo, if I have asmedia controller enabled in the bios.The booting will take more 10sec with it. I wonder if there is something I can do to make the boot faster/normal with asmedia controller en...

BoldenC by Level 7
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