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Crosshair V Formula Z FF POST

Hey guys! Hope you can help, ive had my mobo for close to a year now and never had an issue, was just using the system as normal when the display cut and lost power to all my USB devices.Tried rebooting and got the dreaded FF POST CODE. Ive had a loo...

RIVE No display, debug code 34

Hello, I'm a long time enthusiast of Asus and have now build a new system. This time, POST but no display. The system stops with Debug code 34, 1 long beep and 4 short beeps and of course no display. Here are some more relevant details and specs:i7-...

Yiorgo by Level 7
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Windows 8 Drivers needed for Rampage 2 Gene..

Hi guys... I am new to this Forum.. I really need your help.. I got a Asus Rampage 2 Gene X58 Socket 1366 motherboard.. I'd like to upgrade my OS from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Professional 64Bit.. I managed to get all the Win 8 drivers for the...

Maximus Hero double boot with new 0903 bios ?

Hi. Just updated bios from 0804 to 0903, now when I turn on the computer it powers up, powers down for one second and then powers up and starts correctly. Any thoughts. Thanks. Worked without powering down with old bios. I know some will say just ret...

Sabertooth Z87 NEW BIOS 1504

I want to ask this to be sure:Newest BIOS 1504 is listed under Windows 8.1 category. I'm on Windows 7 64-bitIs it okay to update or this BIOS bring Windows 8.1 related fixes? Question No.2 - Is it recommended procedure to load BIOS defaults before f...

Flegma by Level 10
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Problem with i7 4770K on Maximus Gene VI

Hi All,I'm having this weird problem whereby my 4770K seems to be constantly running at boost mode (3.9Ghz). The problem with this happening is that the CPU tends to run at approx 60 deg on idle...not good imo. Now, I've had to forcibly turn off Turb...

Maximus Hero powering up problem

Hi all. i have run my new System for week now. today was running Photoshop for while. out of blue system shuts down.i tried rebooting but nothing happens. case light is on the number on the display shows 00 only. start and reset buttons are lighted u...

poida84 by Level 7
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Maximus VI Formula Audio Testing Results

I had been anxiously awaiting for someone to post a review of the on board SupremeFX Formula audio section, so I decided to go ahead and do some testing myself. I downloaded RightMark Audion Analyzer 6.3.0 and hooked up a loopback cable between the f...

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KenV99 by Level 7
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