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Rampage IV Formula Problem

Support Template - fill this out when reporting a bug or issue please! Motherboard model: Rampage IV FormulaUEFI Version: CPU: Intel i4930 BX80633I74930KMemory kit part number (s) and amount in GB: 32Gb G.Skill F3-2400C10Q-32GTXGPU: ASUS GTX780SSD/HD...

MuNch by Level 7
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1st timer ROG need help please

Hello there, im a newbie in pc buildup i bought a raven 1 case and its got a AC97, and HD audio cable.And my issue is i dont know where to plug them in my Brand new M6F mobo.Would like to receive some help, please.TIAelord

elord by Level 7
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problem with Sound Blaster X-FIi MB2

Hello Everybody I have problem like this : I get an error when installing the X-FI software about 75% of the way thru about "cannot continue due to unresolved issues Error I-010" and after this message I press OK and program continue Instaling, comp...

szr by Level 8
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Crosshair V Formula Z Initial Setup and Installs

Hey guys, new ROG MOBO owner. I have been looking for some assistance with the initial program installs and setup advice, prior to OC'ing and gaming.Ok so I will download the newest versions. Now as far as download the newest versions, in what subca...

Turbo V program not installing on windows 8.1 ...

The Turbo V program is not installing on windows 8.1 - The initial installing screen comes up with the progress bar, closes and that's it! Ran 'As Administrator' and no change. and don't see anything in the event log.Anyone using it on windows 8.1 or...

Zangzub by Level 7
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Crossfire help.

I just install another XFX 6950 to go crossfire and then when i power up my pc and went to my amd catalyst center there's no button that i can enable to. do i need to plug my gpu on both PCIEX_16 or is it ok to plug the second one on PCIE_8X?

R4F won't post after crash

Hey all,In something I did not even expect to be messing with today, I seem to be having some trouble with my rig. I started up Prime95 completely out of the blue because I wanted to grab a quick screenshot of CPU-Z just because I like to keep screen...

thebski by Level 9
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Config Options for Formula with 2 gtx 780's and RAIDR card.

I have a dilema, I have recently finished building a Maximus VI Formula based rig after which I impulse purchased a RAIDR SSD card and am now faced with a configuration issue.I have 2 780gtx cards in the PCIE3 x16 slots along with the recently purcha...

devans by Level 7
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