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Crosshair V Formula Z - no boot / error A3 and 66

Hi EveryoneThis is my first post. On the 29th of October, I purchased a Crosshair V Formula Z motherboard.The rig is installed with the following:NewMobo: Asus Crosshair V Formula ZCPU: AMD 8350Ram: AMD Gamer Series 2133 (2 Dimms / 16gb)PSU: Rosewell...

Buddy by Level 7
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Power settings

I have the max Iv gene z , love itregarding power settings, I have an OC of 4.4Is the power setting adjustable? eg full bore when gaming but drops back to power saver when surfing or idle?thanks

zoran by Level 9
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Maximus VI Hero 0903 Bios CPU Voltage Problem

Hey all,After updating my bios from 0804 to 0903, the CPU Vcore setting doesn't seem to save properly. The value I set in bios is 1.2V but the vcore from A.I. Suite or CPU-Z shows 1.088. Reset CMOS and tried again same thing happened. DRAM and other ...

shiro836 by Level 7
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Hey guys, this BSOD has been driving me crazy and I need your help. Here is the BSOD notification I get most of time...==================================================Dump File : 022813-19171-01.dmpCrash Time : 2/28/2013 11:38:20 PMBug Check String...

Dun1007 by Level 7
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Intel network adapter slow to connect on boot

Hello,I recently put together a new build with the Maximus VI Hero. Although my boot-up time is lightning-fast, I still have to wait a good 20 seconds until the Intel network adapter connects to the internet through the wired connection. It shows tha...

Maximus V spdif optical output - no sound

So yes the title sums it up for my Maximus V Extreme but I've been narrowing it down for a week now. After reading pages and pages of forums, articles and spending some time reviewing on Sony's website (196 articles!?) and quality chat time with the...

Asus Geforce GTX760 OC - Computer wont boot.

Hi ROG people!I have a problem booting up my system after installing my new Asus Geforce GTX760 OC. Im stopping at code B2 and nothing more happends. Before I had a Gigabyte Geforce 460 OC and that card work fine still with my rig.I swapped back to m...

Hioda by Level 7
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Crosshair V Forumula-Z Windows 8/8.1 Dual Boot Install

I've been trying to figure out how to set up a Dual Boot Windows 8/8.1 setup (I have one beloved piece of software that just won't run on 8.1 for some bizarre reason).The thing is, I have two hard drives plugged into the SATA ports (Corsair Force 3 1...

All I can say is WOW, thanks Praz, Raja, and ASUS

Wow, the Z87 Sabertooth is more than I could have expected so far.I mentioned a problem I was having with the boot sequence in an earlier thread, and Praz mentioned it would need a UEFI update to fix it, guess what, the UEFI update from 10/30 fixed i...

Linflas by Level 7
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