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Debug Code 80

Hello all, first time posting here and really enjoying my Asus ME4Z. I been playing around with the bios and have a stable overclock of 4.2Ghz. I noticed a bit ago the debug LED was saying 80-OEM DXE initialization codes. Then I went in and bumped th...

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x570-E m2 drive issue

[Solved] I installed two XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe cards. The first one I installed by itself and contains my fresh windows install. The second one I just installed and my bios does not seem to see it. In windows under device manager I can see...


Hi allI have new Asus ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO MB (Non wifi) and have very strange problem. When entering in bios and trying to navigate bios I have lag. Unable to use mouse and when using arrow keys to change menu i can see result after 20 sec or maybe 3...

Problems with B450-I Gaming and BIOS 2406

I programmed the BIOS Version 2406 in my B450-I Gaming and had the following issues:- My keyboard (Corsair K65) could not be used to enter the BIOS. F2 or DEL did nothing, the System bootet straight into windows.- I also could also not hit F1 when th...

Maximus IV GENE-Z BIOS Guide - Overclocking

The Maximus IV Gene-Z is the smaller sibling to the flagship Maximus IV Extreme and Maximus IV Extreme-Z motherboards. Many of the overclocking features found on the bigger siblings make their way onto the Gene-Z. We’ve also managed to provide you ...

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bios 2406 bad

Hello, to anyone out there getting ready to update their bios to 2406 DONT.I did so this morning 7/09/19, and it has issues. I have a strix b450-f gaming board, and used to run cool and quiet "no pun intended" at 22c @ idle and 55c max @ 100% load fo...

X99-WS/IPMI issues.

I built my newest system:X99-WS/IPMIXeon ES-2697v3Gigabyte RTX2060 Mini ITX OC (PCIEX16-2)GV-N2060IXOC-6GB REV 1.0Sound Blaster SB1500Asus M.2 x4 PCIE card (PCIEX16-5)Samsung 950 Pro 512 on itSamsung MZHPU512HCGL-0004 in the motherboard M.2 socket a...

P11C-x BIOS Not Recognizing M.2 drive in SATA Mode

Good day to all.I'm not sure if this is the appropriate venue for this question. If not, I would appreciate any direction as to where I might find an answer.I am building a Windows 16 server on an ASUS P11C-x motherboard to include an m.2 raid arra...