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Please help

Ya, my cousin had built me a custom computer last year and i picked out the parts and we ordered them from a computer shop here in our town cause we don't have credits cards cause of how old we were. well about 2 months after we bought the parts the ...

ASMedia USB 3.0/Windows 8.1/ Rampage IV BE

So i am just throwing this out there in hope of some sort of fix for the future:ASMedia USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controllers get very messed up on Windows 8.1. So what happened. Microsoft installed there version of drivers for this during update. They...

OPTIX by Level 9
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Lost sound analog output from back panel

Hello, I purchased a Maximus VI Hero MB about 2 months ago and it's been working great. But when I turned it on this morning I got no sound from my speakers. I tried reseating all the connections on my speakers and to the output port on the motherb...

Salutations, Thanksgivings, and Questions from a new ROGer

AKA NOGer?Anyway, been reading these boards for quite some time now as I methodically planned out my new rig and waited for the funds/sales to actually purchase it. Finally pulled the trigger, and the final piece of the puzzle (x2 1TB WD Blacks) is c...

jamRwoo by Level 9
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Maximus VI Gene Realtek Driver Issue

I have tried just about every Realtek driver for my Maximus VI Gene and nothing so far has worked. What happens is after a while, maybe an hour to two hours after a restart or cold boot I am unable to access the sound options in the control panel. So...

Just wanted to say...

Merry Christmas to everyone and may the river of good fortune flow into you're ocean....;)

RickROG by Level 11
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undo AI Suite auto overclock

AI suite seems to push my 4760k to 3.8ghz automatically. I've tried looking around to undo this, but I can't find anything. Any ideas guys?

Karupt by Level 7
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Ramapage IV Black Edition - UK Stock WHEN ??? ???

Hey folks, Merry Christmas to everyone. It's been hella of a long time since I've been on these forums. I am again in the market for another board and have been waiting what seems like an eternity for those board to appear. Why has the US have them a...

Realtek audio issue...

So for some reason the audio coming out of my speakers is extremely weak, has frequencies cut out of music and lacks bass. I've installed latest drivers from ASUS, checked software connections 5.1, match with 5.1 hardware input etc etc. All effects a...

Synops by Level 7
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Max vi impact quality issues

A friend and I bought two of these motherboards from Micro Center. Neither booted. Support said to bios flash back it. One came alive, the other did not, so I got a refund. Bought a new one from Newegg, while waiting on my new graphics card, I instal...