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Maximus VI Impact 3D games graphics problem

I have a rather strange graphics problem since completing my new build with Maximus VI Impact MB (Intel 4770, 8Mb PC1333, ASUS HD6770, 3Tb WD HDD, Windows 7 or 2 weeks ago. Everything appears alright and in working order until I try to play a game,...

No Sound from my Crosshair V Formula Z

I have been using my motherboard for about 6 months uneventfully. Just in the past 2 days, I noticed there is no sound anymore. There used to be under control panel a Realtek program that would allow you to reset the various parameters of sound. It ...

os2wiz by Level 8
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VI formula, Heaps of latency and spikes in DPC.

Hey guys im getting too my wit end with this, machine watching movies is horrible...voice out of synch with vid micro stutter the works,who has an idea on this its starting too make me hate my pc.

mrgc8 by Level 7
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HERO, 4670K and cpu-z

Hi guys can someone tell me if it normal for my cpu to stay at full turbo clock even when system is just at idle?

WEIR_SJ by Level 7
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Asus VI Hero + 4770k, can't overclock above 41MHz, HELP!

Hy Guys!I need your help, I have the above setup with a nocthua NH-L12 cooler, 1000W Akasa power supply, 8GM RAM.I struggeld a lot with my first CPU, which I couldn't overclock above 41MHz, reagardles what I did. (It wasn't stable at 1.3V and 42MHz) ...

BSOD "0x0000000a Hero

Hello guys! New to the forum I have the same problem and it drives me nuts. I also thought my computer was restarting on shutdown but when I disabled "Automatic Restart on System Failure" in control panel/system I now found that restarting was not re...

septerra by Level 7
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How to use multiple displays with hdmi or displayport

I have just bought a new Z87 Deluxe motherboard which I am using with a 4770k.It has integrated hdmi, displayport and mini displayport.I thought that I would be able to plug in a monitor in the HDMI and the displayport and that I would get independen...

Cagger by Level 7
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Maximus V Formula prblem with new graphics card

Hi. I have my Maximus V Formula for over 6 months now and until yesterday everything worked grate. I bought ASUS GeForce GTX780 and it didn't worked. Every time I got "please power down and connect the PCIe power cables" message (all cabel was plugg...

badylq by Level 7
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