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PROBLEMS to play

tool to do diagnostic along, memory, ram, and video card, or process do I try 3 plug-ins once, I have a crosshair v formula BIOS 0506 I have 3 ram 4 gb corsair memories each ddr3 1600 I have TV Amd 7870 xfx's 2 gb have processor amd x 6 Phenom II a s...

P9X79 Pro: SSD Caching does not seem to work?

Hello all,Thought this would be the right place to ask Yesterday I installed my brand new X79 system including the P9X79 Pro board + OCZ Synapse Cache SSD (64GB).After re-installing windows I plugged my regular HDD (Sata-300) together with the OCZ SS...

JustinN by Level 8
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4770k temp issues Please help?.

Okay guys, core 0 and 2 seem too sit around 37 38 degresse Celsius at idle and 1 and 3 sit around 32 too 35 depending.. Ambient temp is 29 too 32 celcius, i want too know if a temp differential of 3 too 5 'c is fine? cooler is H100i push pull.Here is...

mrgc8 by Level 7
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ROG Probelt connectors

Where can I purchase more ROG Probelt connectors? Anyone have a part#? I have search google and can't find any information on where get more. Thanks,J

Rampage IV Black Edition - Do Not detect third VGA

Hello! please help me to solve problemI have 3x EVGA GTX 780 installed on PCIe 3.0 slots #1,2,3I have three displays. Every display connected to each GTX 780After POST only 2 upper leds ON near PCIe x16 Lane switchWindows detect only two (slot ## 1,2...

Error 55 with 32GB kit

Hi, I also just completed my build with Maximus 6 E and everything appears to be working, however, following the recommendations in the manual I installed 32GB of G.Skill - F32133C11Q-32GZL but unfortunately I keep getting the Q-code 55 which is no ...

How to disable or edit "away mode" for Z87-Deluxe

Actually I sometimes need to bt when I go to bed and the hard driver are still working in that period.The automatic "away mode" will lower the fans speed and the temperature certainly increases much!! This is no good for hdd and thus I hope I could ...