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Maximus VI Hero RAID won't boot when moving SATA ports

I have installed 2 RAID arrays: RAID 1 with 2 boot SSDs and RAID 5 with 4 HDDs. They were connected to ports 0-5. ASMedia ports I use to connect external drives ad hoc. Both arrays were working perfectly. I just installed 2 Drive Cages to be able to ...

pope by Level 7
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Can't download TUF B350M-PLUS GAMING driver

I'm trying to download the bios for my Asus TUF B350M-PLUS GAMING motherboard, but the website says: "We'll be back.Hi, our website is temporarily closed for service enhancements.We'll be back shortly.Thank you for your patience!"Any solution?

yarushi by Level 7
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Overclocking Intel 2600K On Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z

Hello!Just bought new motherboard cpu and ram, but i cant overclock the cpu... I have puted ratio at 44 in bios but when it exeeds 38 the turbo boost turns automaticly on and i cant turn it off? Should i disable c1,c3,c6 and cpu spread spectum? and T...

Retired by Not applicable
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Z87-A not passing POST, unless...

Hey, so I have this rather old MB that served me great up until now. I recently installed Ubuntu on a SSD while having a MacOS catalina on other ssd ( booting with clover ). All went well until I wanted to switch back to booting to Macos. At the time...

xyboox by Level 7
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Resolved! X570 blinking orange light

Hi, I have the rox strix x570-e. The PC was working fine until I opened it up to upgrade my GPU and my power supply. When I assembled it it would no longer post. All the fans run including the gpu but the motherboard is flashing the orange DRAM light...

no boot drive found

I have an asus tuf gaming x570-plus board.  Bought it in 2021 and never any problems.  Last month I updated the bios to 4602 x64 since i was thinking about a new processor.  Have use the computer everyday since and no issues.  Bought a ryzen 9 5900x ...

Ben3 by Level 7
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A320 chipset overheating

Prime a320m-k motherboard cpu chipset A320 is overheating like 62°c after 1 to 2 min of turning on the computer. Don't know why this happening , it never happened before  . The motherboard is currently under warranty . I checked the temp using a digi...

Stuck on Q-code 98 with my Impact board

My Maximus Impact Vi board was beginning to get stuck on boot when the Q-code hit 98.. This seemed to happen more and more, but usually if i removed power completely for 10 seconds i could get it to boot.. And once it was booted i have had no problem...

djda9l by Level 7
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Onboard sound volume too low

asus crosshair v formula mb onboard sound volume is too low... had to disable the onboard sound and install my old SB X-fi card. It's 3 times as loud... Is there a solution to get the onboard sound volume cranked up? I would like to use the onboard s...