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first blue screen today

bios 1403 x64 (factory) in sig/rigBeen running the radeon gamer @ 2133 (AMP profile) with no problems and it's passed memtest.A few days ago I started having problems with an ASUS R9290-4GD5 skipping and thinking the card might be the foe so I put th...

Heini by Level 11
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Crosshair V Formula Z GPU crashes entire computer (fixed?)

Hi everyone, I had a weird issue that started happening 2 or 3 weeks ago. My GPU would crash the entire computer when stressed, even while lightly (YouTube, light gaming, etc)Specs:OS: Debian GNU/Linux (Sid) with Nvidia 325 driversCrosshair V Formula...

sagir3 by Level 7
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Need a board that will accommodate lots of add-in cards

I want to build an X79 system for my next project. I have 2 Radeon HD 7850's (with double slot coolers) I would like to use in CrossFireX mode. I also have a TV Tuner card, and will likely be getting a Zonar sound card (both are x1 pcie). I would als...

Rampage IV Extreme in reboot loop - new build

Rampage IV Extreme (Serial ending 4403)i7 4820k32gb corsair vengeance ramGTX 780 DirectCU IIH100i coolerCX750M600T corsair caseSeagate 3T + 2T barracuda Samsung 240gb SSDHi I'm putting this lot together and the system won't boot, it starts, fans spin...

rampage III black edition random crashing

hi guys, I got a rampage III black edition running a i7 3.2ghz non overclocked, 6gig of ram corsair dominator, windows 7 ultimate 64bitand a corsair h55 water-cooler, 120gig crucial m500 ssd drive and a ata drive for programs and things.whole syst...

DrWho by Level 7
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approx. release date for the sabertooth gen 3 motherboard

Does anyone know the approx. release date on the sabertooth r2.0/gen 3 motherboard? I have seen the listing on one of the asus sites with second bios already released. And I had to google to find out it was march, but when in march? I really want to ...

Maximus V Formula | PCIE link widths set to x4 and x1

Just replaced damaged i7-2600k with i5-3570ki7-2600k had one pad teared off which (probably) led to weird gpu perfomance: -with single 680 gtx the first line width was x0 and no video signal, igpu worked (swapped GPUs - no changes)-with dual 680 gtx ...

stanere by Level 7
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Maximus VI Hero - Will not Post; Q-Code 99

Hello All,Having a bit of an issue.I recent built a new computer, and when I went to turn it on, it will not post. I get the 99 Q-code and nothing after that. I tried a BIOS flashback to the latest version, but still nothing. Also, when I have my HD ...

JThorpe by Level 7
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Odd Temp/Stablility Problem with new BIOS 1203

Hi,two days ago I updated my BIOS to the latest Version and set exactly the same Settings which I had previously. My 4770k was 24h prime stable with 1.28v @ 4,4Ghz. I started Prime95 agein and the Computer immediateley crashed. I noticed that one cor...

force-enable-gen3 will it damage anything?

I have the following specification:Mobo: Asus Rampage IV extremeCPU: Intel Core i7 3970xCPU Cooler : Corsair H100iGPU: Asus GTX 780 Direct CU II SLISSD: Samsung 840 Pro 128 GBHDD: samsung 250GB+Samsung 1 TB+wd 2 TB+wd 3 TBRam: 32 GB corsair dominator...

RVxSpeed by Level 10
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