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Unbelievably low volume

Hello, Hopefully you guys can helpI have an Asus Crosshair V Formula Z connected to (2) Polkaudio R150 Monitor speakers, I dont know why but the volume is so low you can 't really hear anything, When these speakers were connected to my previous Asus ...

Maximus Hero - Problem connecting iphone

Hello, i have a problem connecting my iphone 4s to the computer.When i connect the phone its disconecting and connecting over and over again,i tired 2 diffrent cables, i tested with another iphone 4s still the same problem, BUT if i try to connect my...

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Beware CrossChill on MVIFormula

All,I had a real ugly experience yesterday during leak testing of my new Formula. The CrossChill block leaked from somewhere underneath the block. I was really disappointed that I had to RMA back to Newegg. I suggest to keep a close eye on the blo...

Klaian by Level 7
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Hi guys,I'm trying to setup a RAID 0 using 2x 250GB Samung SSDs. I got it working using the Legacy ROM however I've read that the UEFI Driver is better to use however when i tried to boot the machine using the UEFI Driver, I get an error stating that...

XMP profile question

Hi i am new to this stuff and i usualy dont oc stuff but i bought Kingston hyper x beast ram with 2400MHz and when i enabled xmp in bios it shows 2400 but cpu-z shows 1200 is this ok or not. I just read somewhere that DDR stands for double data rate ...

Sromlje by Level 7
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RIVBE: Is GTX 780Ti in PCIe 8x slot an issue?

Hi,Just got all my parts together with the awsome RIVBE motherboard and my cooler is slightly interfering into the upper most PCIe 16x slot for my only GTX 780Ti.Main question: Is there an issue or a downside when i put it into the lower PCIe 8x slot...

Cubesk by Level 7
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EK-FB ASUS M6I has arrived

Hey all,New to this forum, but I thought there'd be some here excited to see EK's new M6I AIO block.I'll have some more pics after I get it mounted on the board.


new ram and cpu +tips and tweaks

i wanted to get some ideas and thoughts from ppl on what the highest end ram and cpu i can sue with my CROSSHAIR IV FORMULA moboboth within the $300 each or lower mark. i have read many different things. for cpu some say 8150. i was also looking int...

CPU Level Up - 4670K

Hello everyone,I want to ask you guys if you could help me OCing my Intel i5 4670K. I have a litte bit experience with OCing as I OCed my old rig with Intel Core Q9550 (I think?) from 〜2,8 Ghz to 〜3,6 Ghz. That's why I thought I'd use CPU Level Up ...

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