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Keyboard won't work on new build

I was given the Rampage IV BE as a gift. I put the system together last night and my PSU was faulty. I switched out the PSU today and hook it up, turn on the system and it stops as the splash screen. It tells me to hit delete or F2 to setup UEFI BIOS...

Maximus VI Formula - CROSS CHILL

Has asus or will asus release the information on how this cross chill was made and the type of anodizing use?Asus is normally very informative and gives you all the details ( example of JJ in the mobo review vids ) now we have a water cooling block w...

Benching RAM for RIVE and Ivy-E

Hello, my friend's. Today I'm about to tell a sad story of my own.Once I got my X79 rig I purchased F3-17000CL9Q-16GBZH kit based on Hynix CFR ICs, that I'm still using for 24/7 needs but at one day I realized it doesn't satisfy my thin timings needs...

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Dartmaul by Level 12
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Maximus VI Impact - Broke WiFi Antenna Cord :(

Well, I was trying to be all anal about my cable management and ended up breaking my WiFi antenna cord. I need a replacement, but I honestly don;t know what to search for! I tried eBay but it only shows huge plastic antennas. I need this part in the ...

Mercury by Level 7
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marvel (lol) controller not detecting hdd

i have an asus x79 deluxe and the marvel controller is not detecting hard drives. I have a dvd connected to it and that shows fine. If i boot into the marvel bios it doesnt show the hdd, it shows the mode is ahci. In windows i can see the driver is i...

CPU is egg cooker! Help

Hi guys,I have a rampage IV motherboard and originally a i73930k CPU and a corsair h80 CPU cooler. It's been running fine for months. On a hot day 30 odd degrees c it was running slow and I got CPU at 80 warning so shutdown. On inspection the CPU coo...

awelect by Level 7
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Unbelievably low volume

Hello, Hopefully you guys can helpI have an Asus Crosshair V Formula Z connected to (2) Polkaudio R150 Monitor speakers, I dont know why but the volume is so low you can 't really hear anything, When these speakers were connected to my previous Asus ...

Maximus Hero - Problem connecting iphone

Hello, i have a problem connecting my iphone 4s to the computer.When i connect the phone its disconecting and connecting over and over again,i tired 2 diffrent cables, i tested with another iphone 4s still the same problem, BUT if i try to connect my...

Retired by Not applicable
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Beware CrossChill on MVIFormula

All,I had a real ugly experience yesterday during leak testing of my new Formula. The CrossChill block leaked from somewhere underneath the block. I was really disappointed that I had to RMA back to Newegg. I suggest to keep a close eye on the blo...

Klaian by Level 7
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