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Unsure R4BE 4930k overclock.

This is my second Asus board, first almost a decade ago. This would be my first enthuist level board. As such I have been out of the overclocking game long enough that most, if not all, the uefi settings are a bit foreign to me. Done alot of homework...

MVIF SupremeFX Headphone Input, Back or Front?

Hey Everyone first post here!Quick question: I just wanted to ask if I should plug my headphones into my front jack (via the HD Audio header) or the rear I/O to best take advantage of the Maximus VI Formula's SupremeFX audio and 600 ohm headphone amp...

VRM cooling on R4BE

HelloIs what it is recommended to cool the VRM (waterblock) or I can leave them in aircooling without problem (with 4930K to 4.5ghz, h24)?Thanks

tistou77 by Level 13
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maximus iv extreme pcie slots doesn't work.

hello folk,i am a maximus iv extreme user, i recently bought my second 280x graphic card but my computer just don't recognize it. my first card is in first pcie slot and i tried second card on 3rd and 4th pcie slots but system didn't recognize it. an...

M6F - Cache Voltage droop?

Hi,When experimenting with various overclocking magic for my Maximus VI Formula, using a 4770K, I noticed something using AIDA64's voltage plots.I've got the Cache / Uncore voltage set for about 1.252'ish volts. When a stress test is under way, and t...

Maximus vi formula code 00

Hello,Tonight my computer suddenly went off, the last code that I noticed was 00.Now the START and RESET are both blinking and the pc is not starting anymore...Any ideas?Thank you!

iuli78 by Level 7
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Vi Gene + Gtx 780 = not booting ;(

Hello,Foremost, thank you for your effort of reading this and possibly answering it to the best of your knowledge, you're a good person!Specs:Case: Silverstone Sugo sg10Motherboard: Asus Maximus VI Gene z87Processor: Intel i7 4770K - (noctua nh-d14)V...

Asus Maximus Hero POST Problems: Heaps of different Q Codes

So after some time now i wanted to build a new system but the problem just keep coming....Hardware used at this point.Intel Core i7 4770kAsus Maximus VI HeroG.Skill Trident 2400/Cl 10-12-12-31AMD Radeon 290Samsung SSD 840Be Quiet! Power Zone 650WCool...

Moejoe by Level 7
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