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Unstable OC after updating BIOS from 4206 to 4802

Hello everyone,My PC have had a stable OC for a full year now. Every time a new BIOS get released I update my RIVE and re-enter my OC settings.However today I updated my PC from BIOS v4206 to v4802, and i re-entered my old OC settings. But my PC won'...

Fantasy by Level 7
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Fan detection issues! Please help

New build4770k Stock StillAsus hero4 sp120 in push pull on h100i1 af140 exhaustevga 780 classifiedI cant get my fans to be detected by ai suite so that i can adjust the fan curves. The 3 pin af140 is being detected at cha-fan1 and is fully adjustable...

Thank you!!!!!

All,I wanted to take a moment to compliment the many of you that have gone through great lengths to help and support me and others here, especially Arne Saknussemm, HiVizMan, Raja@ASUS, HalloweenWeed, BOLTSFORBREAKFAST and Nodens, just to name a few...

pbxcomm by Level 9
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Cannot update ASUS Sabertooth z87 bios to version 1707

Recently i tried to upgrade my bios to version 1707I used ez flashAfter update system boot stoped at bios screenI tried to flash it with usb bios flashback with no successHowever version 1007 restored normally with usb flashback Hardware2xgtx660 (sli...

Installing XP on RIVE (Using AsMedia port)

Hi All,Been trying all day to install Windows XP for benching purposes on my RIVE using one of the AsMedia ports. Goes through both parts of the install but when resetting for the first real boot, it BSOD's on 0x0000007BTo test the USB XP install sti...


Asuse RIVE X.M.P

HiFirst email, just joined first Hello all.Just finished building my new rig with Asus rive/4930k/Corsair Dominator 16 2666Mhz/sli gtx titan.Was wondering if it ok to run with the X.M.P profile.this is what it set on my system:system temp looks fine ...

lexian by Level 7
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RIVE RAID Question

So recently I dismantled my system - which entailed removing the 3930K and other components.I was running a RAID 1 configuration in Win7 Pro x64I made careful note of all my connections for reassembly and I didn't change any hardware so same setup ex...

Peanuts by Level 7
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power requirements for C5Fz

i have a Coolermaster Silent Gold Pro 800W... it only has a 4+4 atx power pin.. would this splitter adapter ( 4 pin to 8 pin ) work and provide sufficient power so i could effective oc ?http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812201005t...