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RAID 0 & Over Clocking ..

Hey Guys,I have 180 GB SSD for operating system .. " not in raid array"and then 2x 1TB Raid 0 Array"the thing is whenever i reset my bios " while overclocking " and forgot to modify my SATA mode back to RAID or if i missed the " press Delete to enter...

16 GB RAM Crosshair IV Formula

Hi, I'm a noob here and have a question. I tried searching first because I'm sure this has been asked before but couldn't find anything. I have a Crosshair IV Formula motherboard and I need to get RAM for it. I already have 4 sticks in it but they...

dboy352 by Level 7
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Maximus VI Hero & I7-4771 (Non-K CPU)

Anyone using the Maximus VI Hero with an i7-4771 (Non-K) CPU? If so, how are they playing together?:)I recently purchased the i7-4771 CPU and am looking at the Maximus VI Hero board to pair it with. Now, I know my CPU isn't an over-clockable CPU, but...

Maximus VI Impact + Error Code 15

Just got my new mobo today and i keep getting this error code. I've snooped around about and the bit of information i could find points to the mobo not reading the RAM. So i tried 4 different sticks and different combinations and still nothing. Used ...

Cannot update BIOS on Maximus VI Hero

I can't seem to update my BIOS past the first release (version 0224). Although the update says "success" (I used the EZ Flash tool within the UEFI BIOS), the system fails to post afterwards (it powers on for 3-5 seconds, then powers back down).I had ...

How to clear cmos?

In the past couple of days my pc has been turned on then off then on again, I tried updating the bios as I had the release date one, it didn't change so I have decided to try and clear the cmos, however, I don't know how to this, could someone help m...

RAIDo by Level 7
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Just wanted to drop by the ROG forums and ask if anyone has done loop maintenance while using the Crosschill block from the motherboard in their loop