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Where is USB Charger+

Hello,I own a Rampage IV Extreme Black Edition running Win 8.1 Pro. I own three ASUS boards, and one of them features the USB Charger + feature -- as well as AI Charger+ -- and I use both features. When I bought the board I noted that both of these...

riesscar by Level 10
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PCIE Video Not Working. Only HDMI.

PCIE video not working. No signal appears to go to monitor. Only onboard HDMI works.Maximus VI Extremei7 4770k w/ Corsair h100 2x Corsair Vengeance 8G 2133 EVGA GTX 560 TiCorsair AX1200i PSUThis is a new build. Currently have the CPU, ram (2 red slot...

vilanox by Level 7
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Adaptive Voltage not working on Maximus VI Hero

Sup ppl? I have been trying to get Adaptive Voltage to work but no matter what I do, it runs at 1.19v (1.29v in AIDA64 stress test) as if it was still on Auto. Currently i'm at 4GHz and 1.19v is a lot for that, when I can run 4.2GHz stable at 1.15v o...

HERO - A1 and A2 DIMM slots only work at 1333mhz..?!

Here's what I did. I turned on my new rig, went to the bios, went to AI Tuner and chose XMP. Hit F10 and rebooted. No video. Q Code 55. So I press MemOk and everything goes back to default. Everything works. So I decided to test the slots individuall...

Kryzax by Level 7
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Maximus VI Extreme wil not POST/boot

HiI build my pc for the first time a week ago without a problem.I started tweaking the bios settings yesterday and it al seems fine @ 4.3ghz (4770K cpu)Now i was playing a game and all the sudden there was a blue screen that something is fault with h...

birdox by Level 7
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RIVE set up help

Hi guys,I have a strange question. I can't access my network/internet on my Win 8.1 setup. I've tried everything. Reinstalled windows 5 times. CD drivers, online drivers, nothing works. There is no warning triangle over the network icon either. Every...

Aje by Level 8
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MAXIMUS V FORMULA / thunderFX and bios v.1903 ??

hello community i'm proud to be one of rog members, and owners as well , i'm new here and i have a question hope to find an answer i have maximus v formula / thunderfx on bios V: 1802 which is latest update for my board According to asus support and ...

R4E Black Edition refuses network connectivity - Win 8.1

Hi guys,I retired my R3E i7 930 rig two days ago, and upgraded to the R4E Black Edition with an 4930K CPU. I've been struggling now for two full day to get my system working properly.I can't access my network/internet on my Win 8.1 setup. I've tried ...

Aje by Level 8
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buzz near socket

when i play a game or 3D mark, I can feel a buzz near the socket.The component that buzzes is at risk? or are they just a component in resonance?(I'm under warranty) Can i ask to replace ?I enclose below the audio file containing the buzz: http://voc...

orph3n by Level 7
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Fan Xpert 2 or Fan Controller?

Hi,I've got a question about connecting my case fans. Should I connect them to Fan Xpert 2 or my case fan controller? Does anybody have good experience with Fan Xpert? Temps/Noise? I've got them connected to the fan controller now though I never had ...

noisy by Level 7
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