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R4 BE Audio hum with active monitors

The audio is very nice with the headphone amp and some headphones but there is a hum when using active speaker configurations. i have my tri screen and monitors on a different series of outlets then the pc on a circuit that sounds clean while the rig...

Asus ROG Raidr Express Install

Hoping someone can help me. I have read on the ROG website that installing a Raidr Express in the Maximus VI Extreme motherboard in the wrong PCI Slot can affect the SLi. Can someone please advice on the correct way to install the Raidr so I dont hav...

Random crashes & forced to reboot (not drivers)

Greetings,It's my first post on these forums so I'm not entirely sure if this is the correct section or not! When my computer crashes, the operating system just seems to halt/pause until I reboot the machine. These crashes happen at no specific time ...

Retired by Not applicable
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Maximus VI Extreme - problem with booting

I have a problem with booting when going from motherboard standby to powering on.After pressing the start button on the case. It starts to boot but before any codes even show on the display it shuts down for 2 seconds then it tries to boot up again. ...

OC Panel Availability Update

Update on those wanting an OC Panel for their systems (but didnt buy the Extreme)USA: Should be in shops this week.Australia: Should already be in shops.China: Should already be in [biggest] retailersOther regions are currently pending. Please sound-...

X-ROG by Level 15
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Maximus VI Extreme stays at 0.8 GHz

How do I get back that turboed 3.8GHz that I had before?As I use Finnish version of windows 7 in the power manager it says cpu min is 100% and cpu max is also 100%Also I just upgrated to the newest bios but even that didn't fix this.

Cthulhu by Level 7
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Lost Wireless MVE

Wireless connectivity has suddenly stopped dead on my mPCIe card. The card has worked flawlessly over the past year and saw signals from homes 6 houses distant. Now it registers only a weak and 80% dead signal from my hotspot inches away. The laptop ...

Rampage IV Black Edition PWM Headers

Hello,I am in the process of planning my first custom water loop, and I have just read an interesting article related to PWM control: it explains how PWM fan controllers cannot necessarily control the speed of PWM pumps. My planned (and partially pu...

riesscar by Level 10
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Maximus VI Gene and SLI

Good evening at all,Sorry If I post in the wrong place but I have a question:I'm thinking to do a sli of two asus gtx 760 directcu II OC cards on my motherboard: Maximus VI GeneSo my question is: Will be there some problems of temperatures or anythi...

Mangame by Level 7
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